EZWIND™ Cord Organizer

Never Untangle Another Extension Cord or Strand of Twinkle Lights Again

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What's special about EZWIND?

  • Designed to prevent the kinking and twisting that can occur when cables are coiled incorrectly
  • Organizes and stores multiple cables
  • Accommodates up to 150 ft of cable on a single cord organizer
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No more cheap, flimsy, hard to hold cord frames. We have taken the task at heart and produced the ultimate cord manager that does it all. The new EZWIND™ Cord Organizer! Not only is it comfortable to grip when winding up those heavy, stiff 12 awg. cords, but by adding a center post at each end, they help take the twists and tangles out of the cord as you wind it up.

Part #DescriptionColorPrice
COEZWINDEZWIND™ Cord OrganizerYellow

Just wrap the cord around the center post to change direction of the wind and presto, no more twists! As an added benefit, you can store two cords of different lengths on the same unit. This allows you to store long and short cords together on one organizer, so that you don't have to unwind a 100' of cord to reach a power source 10' away. Mix and match lengths: 2-50' or 1-50' and 1-25', or store up to 150' of 16awg. on a single EZWIND™ unit.

Another feature is being able to wind 2 or 3 wraps (plug end) on one side of the center post and the rest of the cord on the other. This allows you to unwind the 2 or 3 wraps to reach outlets that are 4 or 5 feet above the ground in shops, garages, utility rooms, etc ... without having to unwind the entire cord. Probably the best feature of the EZWIND™ is having 4 slots to trap the cord ends. They literally snap into the wedge shaped openings that are lined with varying sized nubs that keep them secure, preventing the cord from unraveling. The unit is made of high tech polymers to take the everyday abuse by contractors and will give you years of service and performance.

  • 4 slots hold onto plug ends for secure storage and easy retrieval
  • The perfect cable holders for keeping garages and storage closets neat and organized


Length Width Thickness Channel Width Weight
19-1/4" 4-3/4" 3/4" 1-1/2" 1 lb





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Questions & Answers


colors? - available in different colors?

Asked by Anonymous user on 07/26/2015 2:54 PM

  • - Thank you for your question. At this moment we only have it available in Yellow.

    Fernando M. on 11/9/2015 11:17 AM

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