XSpot Prewire Locator System

Easily Locate Wires within 1/4 of an inch!


What's special about this Prewire Locator System?

  • Reduces Labor Time
  • Ensures Quality Control
  • Re-Use it over and over!
  • Helps Avoid Unneccesary Sheet-Rock Repairs!

Easily Locate Wires within 1/4 of an inch! Xspots devices have prongs that snap-in and securely hold the wires to your exact location. The XLocator tools use reverse polarity to confirm the location and magnetic fields to give you the location accurate to ΒΌ inch every time.

Color Part # Description Price
XBG-10Cloth cover for Xtreme locator tools (10)
XSM-1XSpot Reusable Wire Locator
XSP-60XStrap Mounting Strap - 12M Roll
  • Easy to use and requires no special skills or experience
  • Provides a robust infrastructure without having to commit to unnecessary expenses of additional electronics equipment.
  • Improved Aesthetics: no longer need to stare at blank face plates in the middle of their walls and ceilings.

    Xpack Pro comes with:

  • (25) Xspot-mini - re-usable wire device
  • (5) Xbox - single gang mounting box)
  • (1) Xstrap - 12 meter roll
  • (1) Locator Tool (set)
  • (1) Xbooty bags - 10 qty
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