Greenlee® Cable Tray Sheaves

Cable Pulling and Installation Accessories for Cable Trays


What's special about these cable rollers?

  • Attaches easily to most styles of cable trays and cable ladders up to 2” thick, to provide quick, stress-free installation of large cable bundles
  • Steel welded frame provides lasting durability to withstand stress and friction from constantly pulling heavy cables and wires
  • Available in either a 12” long frame for use on straight tray sections and gradual radius inclines, or in a 22” long frame for long cable tray and ladder sections
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Running bundle wires and networking cables across cable trays can become a tedious nightmare for even veteran installers, especially when turns and inclines are involved. During installation, cables begin to gain friction and can become snagged around corners, making them harder and more strenuous to pull. This can quickly drain the installer’s energy, and slow down productivity. Greenlee® Cable Tray Sheaves provide installer with the ideal solution for pulling cable across ladders and trays by greatly reducing installation time and the amount of effort required. These cable rollers simply attach to the tray or ladder to help guide and roll large bundles effortlessly across both straight and inclined sections.

Part #DescriptionRoller WidthFrame LengthWeightPrice
GL-659Cable Pulling Sheave for up to 2" Thick Cable Trays and Cable Ladders5"22"16.60 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionPulling ForceSizeWeightPrice
GL-50954Cable Steel 200' SpoolPull up to 1500 lbs. with only 30 lbs. of crank handle force200 FT38 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Contoured 5” wide aluminum alloy sheaves cradle bundled cables to reduce pulling tension, and help prevent strain or injury to the installer
  • Rolls smoothly, and helps to guide tray pulls when used with other cable rollers and installation accessories
  • Installer-friendly design requires only two carriage bolts and wing nuts to clamp easily onto most styles of trays and ladders prior to or during cable installation
  • Easily removed after installation for use on future cable pulls
  • Self lubricating bearings allow sheaves to glide effortlessly with minimal to no maintenance required


Frame Length 12" 22"
Sheave Length 5" 5"
Sheave Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Bearing Type Self Lubricating Self Lubricating
Maximum Cable Tray Thickness 2" 2"
Weight 11.23 lbs 16.60 lbs






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