The LaserLine™ Cable Installation Tool

The Ultimate Labor Saving Pull String Gun

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What's special about this Laserline cable installation tool?

  • Increases productivity during low-voltage installations by allowing you to quickly create a cable path
  • Launches pull line with accuracy up to 120 ft to install cable over greater distances
  • Includes laser sight to accurately eject and guide your pull line
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Pulling cable over long distances can be done in just seconds with the LaserLine™ Cable Pulling Gun. This unique device allows you to launch your pull line accurately up to 120ft in just one shot. This labor saving pull string gun tool can increase the speed of your cable installation, without sacrificing the quality.

Replacement Parts
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
WI-21012-3Laseline™ Replacement Pull String2.09 lbs
WI-D21014-9-12LaserLine™ Replacement CO2 Cartridges (Pack of 12)1.2 lbs
  • Strong nylon pull line comes in 1200ft spools and has a tensile strength of 17lbs
  • Made of high quality aircraft aluminum with anodized finish
  • Ideal for use in drop ceilings, plenum spaces, attics, mezzanines, and more!
Box Dimensions 20.5" x 11" x 4"
Gun Length 18.0"
Spool Length 1200 feet
Spool Tensile Strength 17 lbs
CO2 Cartridge Capacity 12g
Patent # 6,244,261





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