Cable Pullers

Do you need to pull cables, but don't have a trained ferret or rat lying around to pull it through those tough spaces for you? (And yes, that's a real thing.) Well fret not, we've got the implements you need to help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly: braided pulling rope, measuring tape, pulleys, pulling tools, feeders, pullers, rollers and more. Don't let friction and snags trip up your run; check out our selection of pulling tools and make sure you're prepared for anything.

Making Easy Work Out of Pulling Cables

Pulling cables is something that no one loves to do. We have yet to hear anyone ever say "Yes! Today we pull cables through small spaces!" The truth is it is a job that can be tough, grueling and frustrating for even the most seasoned electrician or handy-man. Luckily, has all of the tools necessary to help make your job easier - dare we even say we can help make it a breeze.

Work Your Cables through Any Tough Space with the Right Equipment

The biggest headaches when pulling cables comes when you encounter tight spaces, snags, sharp turns, and other places that regular human-size arms just cannot fit into! Without tools, you'd have to cause considerable damage to your walls in order to access all the cables you need to. That's where our selection of tools comes into play.


Starting with the essentials, having the right pulling tape is a must-have for measuring or pulling cables within ducts. We have a variety of different kinds, but one particular pulling tape is made for copper and fiber optic cables and can resist up to 2500lbs of pulling. It's perfect for serious jobs like commercial, industrial, and utilities applications. In addition to helping to move your cables, it is clearly marked in feet for easy use, and can be used for jobs up to 3000 feet under or above ground!


If you want to save the amount of labor you have to do, our Laserline cable installation tool allows you to quickly create a cable path by accurately launching pull line up to 120ft. It even includes laser sight to accurately throw your line in just sections. This tool keeps your quality high while saving on time and energy!


If your work with heavy-duty cable installation, you're going to want to consider a pulling machine, such as the GreenLee Ultra Tugger. It provides safety, power, and flexibility for serious cable installations, providing up to 4000lbs of force! It has a remote control box with a foot pedal and an adjustable nose that turns for vertical, horizontal, and side pulls to accommodate any application.
Pulling cables doesn't need to be an unpleasant ordeal. Browse our extensive list of tools above and find the one that is perfect for your needs and will help you do your job safely and efficiently.