Aerial Tools for Construction

Installing cables high off the ground can be tricky to put it mildly. Thankfully, we've got the aerial construction tools that can make installation a breeze! Well, maybe not a breeze, but somewhere in the realm of possible. Aerial storage for cables, telescoping poles, brackets, blocks, cable saddes, cable rings and more will help you tackle your off-the-ground cabling jobs.

Tools to Keep You Safe during Aerial Construction

Aerial construction is not a job for the average Joe. It requires patience, stability, precision, a lack of fear and certainly no phobia of heights. If you do work up high installing cables far from the ground - props to you. You make it look easy, but we have tools that can make it even easier for you.

Aerial Installation Tools for Off-the-ground Cabling Jobs

When you are balancing up high, you need to make sure everything is in perfect working order. That is why carries a ton of different tools to make your job in the sky easy as can be! Some of the tools we carry include:

  • Aerial storage for cables
  • Telescoping poles
  • Brackets
  • Blocks
  • Cable saddles
  • Cable rings

This wide variety is designed to act as a second (and third, and fourth) set of hands when your own two hands are tied up. When you are working up in the air, it is impossible to hold all the cables and wires you need while getting the job done. Going up and down from the ground to your workstation isn’t feasible either. Our variety of tools allows you to work and focus on the job at hand knowing everything you need is within arm’s reach.


Safety is clearly another big issue. Aside from making sure you are safe and securely fastened where you need to be, you need to make sure the cables you put up are safe also. Corner blocks allow you to distribute pressure evenly to the stand while you are pulling cables around corners. We also carry a bunch of different cable rings and holders to securely hold cables in place up high. All of them are designed with strength in mind, to outlive regular cable ties and minimize the need for repair.


Cable saddles help to widen the load-bearing area of cable rights, offering extra support and protection, especially in the case where cables are heavier, or there are a lot of them.


Once you are back on the ground, it is important to use telescoping measuring poles to get a fast and accurate measuring for height clearance and vertical distance for utility vehicles. They are easy to use, and only need one person to operate them.


Like with all jobs, it is best to be as prepared as possible before you get into it. Save yourself time, effort, and money by getting the right tools and ensuring your work is done well!