Rack-a-Tier Copper Wire Stripper

Easy Copper Wire Stripping


What's special about this copper wire stripper?

  • Tough - All aluminum frame
  • Reusable - Blade made from tool steel which is easily re-sharpened
  • Adjustable - Fully adjustable wire guide

47030: The money making tool that you need in your warehouse. Driven by a standard power drill, you'll get more than double the money from your scrap wire. It's that simple!
47200: The ideal tool to quickly recover high volumes of copper wire and aluminum. 1/2 HP motor and tool steel blades makes quick work of stripping insulation from solid and stranded wire.spool arms also allow for smooth roll rotation which means an easier time with your installation. In addition, the arms fold down so this is one piece of equipment that fits neatly almost anywhere. The strong, durable and functional Spool Mac is the perfect accessory for your heavy duty wiring jobs.

Part # Description Price
47030Copper Wire Stripper - Standard Power Drill Operated, Strips 14 - 4/0 AWG Wire
47200Copper Wire Stripper - Automatic, 45lbs. 1/2 HP Motor, Strips 10-14 AWG Wire
  • All aluminim frame
  • Hardened one piece blade
  • Strips solid core or braided wire
  • Blade easily re-sharpened
  • Fully adjustable wire guide

  • 47030
  • American Wire Gauge Range: 0-4 AWG, 5-8 AWG, 9-10 AWG, and 11-14 AWG
  • 47200
  • American Wire Gauge Range: 9-10 AWG, 11-14 AWG
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