Slug-Splitter® Ram and Hand Pump Hydraulic Driver Punch Kit



What's special about this punch driver kit?

  • Compact design allows for use at both construction sites and maintenance jobs
  • Hydraulic ram and hand pump included
  • Fast, easy and simple to operate
  • 3-foot hose
  • Additional punches also available. Please call for pricing and availability
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Designed for use with stainless steel, the powerful and easy to operate Greenlee Slug-Splitter® Ram and Hand Pump can penetrate up to 10-gauge stainless steel (depending on the individual knockout punch capacity). This model’s 11-ton hydraulic ram is capable of making a 1/2" to 2" opening.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GL-7506Slug-Splitter® Knockout Punch Kit with Hydraulic Ram and Hand Pump for 1/2" through 2" Conduit Sizes32 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Use this compact design at construction sites or on maintenance jobs
  • Includes both hydraulic ram and hand pump
  • 3-foot hose
  • Powerful 11-ton hydraulic ram
  • Self-centering punch (aligns on pilot hole)


PART # Kit Includes WEIGHT
GL-7506 1/2" Conduit Size Punch, 1/2" Conduit Size Die, 3/4" Conduit SizePunch, 3/4" Conduit Size Die, 1" Conduit Size Punch, 1" Conduit Size Die, U 32 lbs





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