GREENLEE® Metal Stud Punches

Easy-to-Use Hand Tools for Punching Holes in Standard 20 Gauge Steel Studs


What's special about this stud punch?

  • Professional grade design allows you to punch up through 20 gauge (0.9 mm) steel studs with a single stroke, saving you time and labor
  • Available in either a 7/8” (2.2 mm) diameter or 1-11/32” (34.1 mm) diameter stud punch for meeting wiring, conduit, or building code specifications
  • Contoured handle makes it possible to use in tight spaces and provides excellent leverage for simple operation by any user
  • PVC bushings are available for punched holes made by either the GL-709 or GL-710, for keeping wires and cables safe from the sharp metal edging of the studs
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GREENLEE® 7/8” or 1-11/32” Metal Stud Hole Punches provide professional installers and contractors with a simple-to-use, lightweight solution for creating a cable/conduit pass-through in standard 20 gauge steel studs. The head is constructed from light weight, yet strong aluminum, and then combined with an ergonomically friendly contoured handle. Allowing most operators to comfortably use the metal stud punch without the worry of excessive fatigue during larger applications. When combined with GREENLEE® plastic bushings, cabling and conduit become protected from the sharp exposed metal edges, promoting longer life and eliminate snags for allowing smoother and easier pulls.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GL-7097/8" (22.2 mm) Diameter Stud Punch7 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
GL-7101-11/32" (34.1 mm) Diameter Stud Punch7.5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionQuantityPrice
GL-711C100Bushings for 7/8" (22.2 mm) Diameter Stud Punches100 / pk
Manufacturer Direct
GL-712A100Bushings for 1-11/32" (34.1 mm) Diameter Stud Punches100 / pk
Manufacturer Direct
  • Light weight aluminum head reduces operator fatigue without sacrificing strength or usability
  • Automatically centers holes on standard sized studs to keep layout work to a minimum, while helping to remove any frustrating and time consuming guess work from the project
  • Requires only 56 lbs. of handle force for each punch, allowing efficient completion with minimal labor used
  • Self-stripping design eliminates punch hang-ups and allows the slug to safely fall free, limiting you’re chance of being cut from sharp edges or injured from hard to remove debris
  • Conversion kit available for upgrading early model 24 gauge metal stud punches to the new 20 gauge format
  • Made in the USA


GL-709 1 5/8" (41.3 mm) and wider Up to 20 Gauge Steel 7/8" (22.2 mm) 7 lbs
GL-710 2 1/2" (63.4 mm) and wider Up to 20 Gauge Steel 1-11/32" (34.1 mm) 7.5 lbs







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