Leviton Bridging Clips

Quickly Make or Eliminate Connections With 66-Clips


What's special about these clips?

  • Ease of use: simply press onto the two center slots in a row of Split M blocks for fast installation
  • Made of tin-plated phosphor bronze alloy to provide long-term conductivity even in the most hostile environments
  • Instead of jumper cables, use bridging clips for a neat and clean look
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If outside cable pairs are terminated on left-hand clips and station equipment wire is terminated on right-hand clips, then connections can be quickly made or eliminated by simply inserting or removing these bridging clips. They can also be used on other products that use 66 Clips.

Part #DescriptionQtyPrice / Pack
LE-40067-BCLeviton Bridging Clips (SA-1)
Manufacturer Direct
  • Can be removed and reused countless times, without breaking or bending
  • Made from high-grade material to withstand the roughest environments
  • 50 per pack: plenty to last a long time
  • Can be used on other products that use 66 clips, like 110 blocks


Part # LE-40067-BC
Quantity per Pack 50
Material Phosphor Bronze
Use on Split M blocks, 110 blocks





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