Modular Adapters

Want to Test Telephone or Data Wires? These Adapters Will Do the Job!


What's special about these modular connectors?

  • Simply plug into M blocks to convert 66-clip contacts into modular jacks for quick equipment connection.
  • Used for telephone systems, data networks, or low-speed serial connections, there is an adapter for every job.
  • Small, convenient, and economical great for network or telephone technicians.
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With four different styles available to convert 66-clip into the correct jacks for the job, Leviton's Modular adapters can quickly and easily test connections or make a temporary connection into a phone or data line for service.

Part # Description Price
LE-40072-0T2 2-Position Modular Adapter, converts two 66-clip contacts into a 6-position, 2-conductor modular jack. (Tap™ -2)
Manufacturer Direct
LE-40072-0T4 4-Position Modular Adapter, converts four contacts into a 6-position, 4-conductor modular jack. (Tap™ -4)
Quick Ship
LE-40072-0T6 6-Position Modular Adapter, converts six contacts into a 6-position, 6-conductor modular jack. (Tap™ -6)
Manufacturer Direct
  • Made from the highest quality material for a long-lasting, quality installation.
  • Available in four different positions (2, 4, 6, and 8) to fit any connector.
  • Locking tab on the adapter to keeps your cord from falling out.
  • Constructed of high-impact, fire retardant UL94 V-0 plastic to meet code.
  • Quickly tests your 66 block via RJ-45, RJ11 or RJ12 cables


Property Value
Material High-impact, fire retardant UL94 V-0 plastic
Available Positions 2, 4, 6, and 8
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