Siemon 110 Block Wiring, 66 Phone Connections

Dependable Support for Data and Voice Applications


What's special about these wiring blocks?

  • Durable, convenient design to ensure a long lasting and dependable connection that requires less maintenance
  • Interchangeable colored labels for easy wire identification
  • Patented design has openings between rows to allow easy routing and organization of cables
  • Available in 100 and 300 pair blocks for a wide range of applications
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ULCSA Approved

Siemon's 110 and 66 wiring blocks provide dependable support to data and voice applications. Siemon Category 5e 110 blocks offer a patented design that has openings between the rows to allow horizontal cables to be routed from behind the panel and enter the block from the rear making installation easy for network managers. This feature also helps to maintain cable geometry and the outer jacket up to the point of termination, giving the user optimum category 5e performance. The 66 block has a similar feature. The ends are open allowing the installer to lay cable in before snapping the block into place.

110 Blocks
Part #ImageDescriptionDimensionsPrice
IT-S110-AW2-50Siemon 110 Block Wiring, 66 Phone Connections IT-S110-AW2-5050 pair, 110 wiring block with legs without connector2" H x 11" W x 4" D
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IT-S110-AW2-5Siemon 110 Block Wiring, 66 Phone Connections IT-S110-AW2-55 pair, 110 block connector
Quantity : 10 per pack
Manufacturer Direct
110 block
  • Durable and convenient design
  • Ideal for many applications such as cross-connect and consolidation point applications
  • Interchangeable colored labels can be mounted in the center or on the outside of the wiring block
  66 block
  • Open ends to make installation simpler
  • 25 pair connector and/or modular components can be mounted on the sides or the back of brackets
  • Molded brackets made from flame retardant thermoplastic

The 110 blocks are available in 100 pair and 300 pair, these blocks have mounting legs that can detach giving the installer easier access to cables at any point in time. The 66 blocks are available in 50 pair units and have coordinating brackets for mounting. The IT-S89D can be used to mount two 25-pair connectors on each side and four on the back and the IT-S89B can mount one 25 pair connector on each side.






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