Black Box ServSelect III

Access your servers over inexpensive UTP cable with these KVM switches


What's special about these KVM switches?

  • Allows two users to simultaneously access up to 256 servers connected by Cat5 cable, makes them ideal for IT departments where two people need access to multiple server.
  • Cascade up to 16 ServSelect III KVM switches to control up to 128 or 256 servers in your system, and with its on-screen menus provide easy set up and operation.
  • Dual-user access from 8 to 16 servers and network devices
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With the Black Box ServSelect III two users can access up to 16 servers and network devices from PS/2 consoles. Additionally, you can cascade up to 16 units to control up to 128 or 256 servers in your system, making this KVM Switch ideal for IT departments where two people need access to multiple servers.

Part # Description Size Price
BB-EHN21000PS2-0010 ServSelect III PS2 Cable 10'-CL W/ INT Dongle 10 feet
BB-EHN21000PS2-0015 ServSelect III PS2 Cable 15'-CL W/ INT Dongle 15 feet
BB-EHN21000USB-0007 ServSelect III USB Cable 7'-CL W/ INT Dongle 7 feet 
BB-EHN21000USB-0010 ServSelect III USB Cable 10'-CL W/ INT Dongle 10 feet
BB-KV123A ServSelect Server Access Serial Module 1.25"W x 8.5"L x 0.75"H
BB-KV125A ServSelect IP Server Access Module 1.25"W x 8.5"L x 0.75"H
  • ServSelect III cables simplify installation, reduce cable clutter, and cut bulk cable costs.
  • Supports VT100 which is great for video
  • Allows you to choose from three operation modes:
    1. Scan
    2. Broadcast
    3. Switch for easy operation
  • Provides 1600 x 1280 resolution for clear and precise video.
  • Built-in password protection and keep-alive functionality, so your information is always protected and secure.
  • Flash up-gradable and built for your system’s future, so you may upgrade at any time.
  • Rackmountable for easy access while working
  • Double Diamond Protection.
  • Supports PS/2 keyboards and mice, and works with low-cost PS/2 cable

    These two-user switches come with a pair of analog port-sets to accommodate two monitors and a pair of PS/2 keyboards and mice. Both users can control, switch between, troubleshoot, and reboot all connected servers and other ServSwitch units.

    The Convenient and intuitive on-screen menus enable you to configure your system and select servers and other switches. You can easily identify each server by a unique name, ID number, or port number.

    Three operational modes enable you to manage your switching activities. In Scan mode, the ServSelect III sequentially displays the status of up to 16 servers on-screen. You can select which servers are scanned in a sequence and how many seconds each should be displayed. In Broadcast mode, you can simultaneously control more than one server to ensure that all selected servers receive the same input. Lastly, in the Switch mode, either user can select and share any server at any time.

    This KVM switch is equipped with robust features that keep your system running and secure. The BIOS-level access ensures connection to the attached servers, regardless of the servers' health or their operating system. Furthermore, the ServSelect III's keep-alive safeguard allow the attached servers to continue functioning even if the switch has a power failure.

    You can also protect your system with a screen-saver password for each user. When a user station is unused for a period of time, the monitor enters a screen-saving mode and can only be unlocked by typing a password.

    Since the ServSelect III is also flash upgradable, it's built for your system's future. You can upgrade your firmware at any time by using the switch's simple update utility.

    With the ServSelect III you get optimal video resolution. 1600 x 1280 resolution for analog VGA, SVGA, and XGA when you connect a user station to the ServSelect III with a 10-foot (3.0-m) cable. Always remeber that the longer the cable you use, the lower the resolution will be.

    You can fine-tune the image manually and set refresh and frame rates, even though the system adjusts automatically to the optimal video parameters. The ServSelect III supports Display Data Channel (DDC) Plug-and-Play, which auto-configures the monitor and is compliant with the VESA DDC2B standard.

    When you use non-flashable ServSelect III cables you can make connections to individual servers. These CAT5 cables provide keyboard, video, and mouse connectivity. Simply connect a cable's RJ-45 end to your ServSelect III and the other end to your server.

    Airflow 8cfm
    CPUs Supported IBM® PC/AT®, PS/2, and compatibles
    Mice Supported IBM Scrollpoint®, Kensington® 4-button, Logitech® Marble FX, Logitech Mouseman Wheel, Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel, Microsoft® IntelliMouse®, Microsoft Explorer
    Operating Environment: Temperature: 50 to 122° F (10 to 50° C)
    Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing
    Hear Dissipation 92 BTU per hour
    Peripherals Supported Microsoft IntelliMouse (PS/2 only), PS/2 style keyboard and mouse, Microsoft Explorer mouse, IBM Scrollpoin mouse, Kensington 4-button mouse, Logitech Mouseman+, Marble Plus, and Marble FX mice
    Maximum Resolution 1600 x 1280 at 75 Hz
    Video Supported: DDC2B, VGA, SVGA, XGA, XGA2 (with adapter)
    Compliance CSA C22.2 No. 950, EN55022 Class A, EN55024, EN60950, EN6100-3-3, en6200-3-2, FCC 15 Class A, IEC 950, UL 1950/60950 Third Edition, VCCI Class A
    Connectors Analog users: Keyboard and mouse: PS/2: (4) 6-pin mini DIN F
    Video: (2) HD15 F
    CPUs/servers: (8) or (16) RJ-45
    Interconnect: (1) RJ-45
    Serial port: (1) DB9 M (RS-232) for Flash-ROM upgrades
    Power: (1) IEC 320
    Indicators (33) LEDs on front of unit: (1) dual-state Power LED that shows activity, (16) CPU powered, (16) select port
      (33) LEDs on back of unit: (2) Link for each of the (16) RJ-45 ports, (1) power indicates the power supply is on
    Power 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz, auto-sensing
    Size 1.75" H (1U) x 17" W x 11" D (4.4 x 43.2 x 27.9 cm)
    Weight 8 lb. (3.6 kg)
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