Quest Rack Mount Panel Blanks

Affordable Rack Space Covers


What's special about these blank panels?

  • Made from strong 16-gauge cold rolled steel to ensure product durability.
  • Durable black powder coat finish offers enhanced beauty and strength.
  • Economical blanks give racks a fuller look without excessive costs.
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Rack Mountable Blank Panels from Quest are an inexpensive alternative for covering up unused rack space, while giving it a fuller and more complete look. These blank panels also serve as a means to control cool air flow, and keep it from escaping out unused space before it can reach hardworking network/media components.

Please Note: For the 2 RMS panels there is a 2 panel minimum order requirement

Part # IMG U/ Rms Height Width Price
QBP19-01 1U 1.75" 19"
Manufacturer Direct
QBP19-02 2U 3.50" 19"
Manufacturer Direct
QBP19-03 3U 5.25" 19"
Manufacturer Direct
Part # IMG Description Qty Price
KH-0100-1-001-01A 10-32 Rack Screws 50
Manufacturer Direct
  • Predrilled for easy installation on open racks or enclosures.
  • Provides mounting rails with an extra level of support and rigidity.
  • Maintains proper airflow inside hot server or media enclosures by not allowing cool air to escape before it's been sufficiently circulated.
  • Rounded radius corners provide an extra degree of handling or collision safety.

      QBP19-02 QBP19-03
    Material Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel
    Gauge 16 16
    Style Flat Flat
    Finish Black Powder Coat Black Powder Coat
    U/RMS 2U 3U
    Racking Height 3-1/2" 5-1/4"
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