Great Lakes Casters, Levelers and Anchors for Enclosures

A Variety of Accessories to Keep Your Enclosure Level, Secure or Mobile


What's special about these cabinet accessories?

  • Casters come in a variety of sets that include combinations of locking, non-locking, regular and heavy-duty styles.
  • Anti-tip legs ensure that the enclosure will remain stable even with heavy servers pulled out.
  • Keep the cabinet safe from minor earthquakes with a seismic anchor kit.
  • Use adjustable levelers to balance cabinets or enclosures in rooms with slightly unlevel floors.
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With these sturdy rack accessories from Great Lakes, server cabinets can be made either mobile or secure. Casters are available in kits that are made up of all locking, or a combination of locking and non-locking, styles. Standard hard rubber casters are built to support a minimum of 1,000 lbs; the heavy duty casters can support up to 1,500 lbs and are made of Duratex.

Part # Description Load Capacity Weight Price
QGL-7208-ES 4 Non-Locking 1,000 lbs 5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
QGL-7208-E 2 Locking, 2 Non-Locking 1,000 lbs 5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
QGL-7208-EALL 4 Locking 1,000 lbs 5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
QGL-7208-EHD 4 Heavy Duty Locking 1,500 lbs 8 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Load Capacity Weight Price
QGL-AT1 Anti-Tip Legs for ES Enclosures 2,000 lbs 11 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
QGL-AT2 Anti-Tip Legs for E Enclosures 2,000 lbs 11 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Weight Price
QGL-AK101 Seismic Anchor Kit 2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Casters support 1000 to 1500 lbs and available either locking, or locking and non-locking.
  • Anti-tip legs prevent the enclosure from leaning too far when servers or switches are extended forward.
  • Use the seismic anchor kit when installing a network enclosure in earthquake-prone areas.
  • Levelers help keep your server rack or cabinet in balance, even if the floor isn't perfectly flat.


    Part # QGL-7208-E QGL-7208-EALL QGL-7208-EHD
    Contents 2 Locking, 2 Non-Locking 4 Locking 4 Heavy Duty Locking
    Load Capacity 1,000 lbs 1,000 lbs 2,000 lbs
    Material Wheel: Hard Rubber
    Stem: Steel
    Wheel: Hard Rubber
    Stem: Steel
    Wheel: Duratex
    Stem: Steel
    Wheel Diameter 3" 3" 3"


    Anti-Tip Legs

    Load Capacity 2,000 lbs
    Length 20"
    Construction Steel tubing with leveling guide
    Cabinets E or ES


    Seismic Anchors

    Hole Depth 4.13" [105 mm]
    Anchor Length 5.47" [139 mm]
    Anchor Size 0.47" - 1.10" [12 - 28 mm]
    Drill Bit Diameter 0.71" [18 mm]
    Wrench Size 0.75" [19 mm]
    Baseplate Clearance Hole 0.79" [20 mm]
    Recommended Installation Torque 60 ft-lb (81 Nm)
    Listings/Approvals ICC-ES ESR-1917
    FM (Factory Mutual)
    International Building Codes 2003 IBC Compliant Anchor
    2006 IBC Compliant Anchor
    Meets Seismic qualifications with ACI 355.2 and ICC-ES AC 193
    Ductility requirements of 318 D.3.3


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