Portable & Modular Racks

For smaller applications, or situations where your set-up may require frequent reconfiguring, we offer portable server racks that can be moved and repositioned when necessary. Many are equipped with casters that allow them to be rolled. For set-ups that may be expanded over time, modular server racks allow for the addition of new sections as needed.

Portable Server Racks for Set-ups that Require Frequent Reconfiguration

Sometimes you need a rack that allows you the freedom to move and reposition it as necessary. For this reason, portable and modular racks were made! At CableOrganizer.com, we have a wide selection of portable server racks so that you can move things where they need to go when they need to go.

Portable & Modular Rack Staff Favorites

The Middle Atlantic Sloped Desktop Rack - This rack is perfect for mounting your electronics on top of your desk. It is durable to withstand office traffic and wear and tear. It is also slanted for easy access, easy installation, and better visibility to its contents. It is lightweight yet durable which makes it the perfect compact desktop solution for any housing network, monitoring, or security systems.

The Gator Rolling Rack Cases - These cases are lightweight hard cases equipped with front and rear rack rails to easily transport equipment. They also have a locking lid so that things stay in place and don't get jumbled around. Keep your rack mounted and stay mobile - a rare feat that isn't usually associated with rack mounting!

The Kendall Howard Compact SOHO Server Rack - This server rack is all about business! It is compact and has a locking enclosure for optimal security. It also has built-in mesh doors that allow venting for maximum and efficient air flow. It is small enough to fit under a workstation and has pre-installed casters for easy transportation. This server rack combines quality and efficiency into a small package.

The Gator Shock Racks - Do you do a lot of work on the go and expect your equipment to take a little bit of a beating? This server rack is equipped with rubber shock absorbers to protect your equipment while it's on the road or on set. If you are transporting music equipment, this is the best kind of protection for you.

Our entire line of portable and modular racks are great for a variety of reasons, it is all a matter of finding the one that works best for your needs. Take some time to browse around, and if you are in need of assistance, our product specialists are always just a phone call away!