Tenmat Tool-less Fire Protection Troffer Covers

Maintains the Structural and Flame Protection Integrity of Fire-Rated Ceilings


What's special about these fixture covers?

  • Compensates for the loss of integrity that fire rated ceilings often suffer when regular fixture troffers are used
  • Stops flame spread and heat transmission for up to 60 minutes, ensuring plenty of time for personnel evacuation and fire extinguishing
  • Installs easily with no sealant, screws, or drilling; simply place the cover on top of the ceiling's support beams and install your light fixture as normal
  • Cable entry points can be cut or drilled in any desired location on the unit, ensuring proper installation and wire management
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Consistent fire protection is a very important part of multi-story facilities that house many people, and compromising integrity is never acceptable with so much at stake. These fire-rated fixture covers from Tenmat make up for the inherent losses in protection when installing light fixtures with standard troffers, and require no tools to install. Their workable yet sturdy material allows you to easily create holes for cable routing and makes them easy to fold for installing into awkward or tight spaces.

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Part #DescriptionHeightWidthLengthWeightPrice
TEN-FF130-2x2Tenmat Troffer Cover - 2ft x 2ft5" [12,7cm]27" [68.58cm]29" [73.66cm]7 lbs [3,17 kg]
Manufacturer Direct
TEN-FF130-2x4Tenmat Troffer Cover - 2ft x 4ft5" [12,7cm]28" [71,12cm]52" [132,08cm]10 lbs [4,53 kg]
Manufacturer Direct
  • Lightweight, foldable construction to allows easy installation into tight or awkward spaces
  • Never needs to be cleaned, adjusted, or maintained in any way, and is easily removed and replaced for light fixture maintenance, resulting in a lower cost of operation
  • Relieves some of the stress put on the ceiling by typical drywall light fixture installations for increased structural integrity
  • Ideal for mounting fluorescent fixtures in schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other multi-story facilities


Part # TEN-FF130-2x2 TEN-FF130-2x4
Dimensions (overall) 5" H x 27" W x 29" L
[12,7 x 68,58 x 73,66 cm]
5" H x 28" W x 52" L
[12,7 x 71,12 x 132,08 cm]
Thickness 0.39-0.59" [10-15 mm] 0.39-0.59" [10-15 mm]
Weight 7 lbs [3,17 kg] 10 lbs [4,53 kg]
Material Mineral Wool Mineral Wool
Industry Standards Chilitern Laboratory 1 hour fire rating
Fire Tested to BS 476 Part 23 1987
Chilitern Laboratory 1 hour fire rating
Fire Tested to BS 476 Part 23 1987







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