STI Series FP Intumescent Firestop Plugs

Stop Fire and Smoke From Traveling Through Conduits to Other Rooms


What's special about this firestop seal?

  • 2 hour rating for cable penetrations and blank openings through concrete and gypsum board/stud assemblies.
  • Made of Polyurethane foam, which expands 10X its normal size to seal out smoke and fire.
  • Fast and Easy installation; no tools required, so you save time and money.
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  • UL

With a 2 hour safety rating, 10X expansion rate and easy installation, this Firestop Plug will help protect your business or home from fire and smoke that could pass through EMT conduit in the walls.

Part # Description Diameter Color Price
STI-FP200 Intumescent Firestop Plug 2" (51 mm) Red
Manufacturer Direct
STI-FP400 Intumescent Firestop Plug 4" (102 mm) Red
Manufacturer Direct
  • Red color for easy identification and inspection
  • This fire plug is intumescent, which means that it will swell when the temperature reaches 350° F (176° C), to expand and seal off the EMT conduit.
  • Paintable to match any décor
  • Designed for permanent or temporary use
  • Tested to meet the exacting criteria of ASTM E814 (UL1479) and CAN/ULC S115

    Color Red
    Nominal Density 19 pcf (304 kg/m3)
    Weight 2" - 0.20 lb (91 g)
    4" - 0.50 lb (227 g)
    Expansion Begins 350° F (176° C)
    Volume Expansion 10 X
    In-Service Temperature < 130° F (54° C)
    Shelf Life N/A
    VOC Content N/A


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