Signamax™ Optical Fiber Adapter Plates

Quick and Easy Fiber Patching Solutions


What's special about these fiber optic adapter plates?

  • Available with ST, SC, LC and MT-RJ type connectors in a wide variety of fiber counts to accommodate almost any fiber optic patching application
  • Compatible with all Signamax wall or rackmount fiber optic enclosures for simple, worry-free installation
  • Adapters are color-coded per ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 to provide easy recognition between multimode and single-mode connections
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Signamax™ Fiber Optic Adapter Panels provide premise installers with the ultimate solution for creating cross- or interconnections within a fiber termination enclosure or distribution hub. These modular and easy-to-use fiber optic adapter panels are available in an assortment of styles and fiber counts to accommodate small or high-density fiber networking.

These fiber optic adapter plates are only compatible with Signamax Fiber Distribution Enclosures

ST Adapter Plate
Part #DescriptionFiber / Adapter CountAdapter TypeWeightPrice
SX-UFE-B-06STSignamax ST Adapter Plate6-Fiber (6-Simplex)ST Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-08STSignamax ST Adapter Plate8-Fiber (8-Simplex)ST Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-12STSignamax ST Adapter Plate12-Fiber (12-Simplex)ST Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-08ST-CSignamax ST Adapter Plate8-Fiber (8-Simplex)ST Single Mode0.2 lb
SC Adapter Plate
Part #DescriptionFiber / Adapter CountAdapter TypeWeightPrice
SX-UFE-B-06SCSignamax SC Adapter Plate, Beige Adapters6-Fiber (6-Simplex)SC Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-08SCSignamax SC Adapter Plate, Beige Adapters8-Fiber (8-Simplex)SC Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-12SCSignamax SC Adapter Plate, Beige Adapters12-Fiber (6-Duplex)SC Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-06SC-CSignamax SC Adapter Plate, Blue Adapters6-Fiber (6-Simplex)SC Single Mode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-08SC-CSignamax SC Adapter Plate, Blue Adapters8-Fiber (8-Simplex)SC Single Mode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-12SC-CSignamax SC Adapter Plate, Blue Adapters12-Fiber (6-Duplex)SC Single Mode0.2 lb
LC Adapter Plate
Part #DescriptionFiber / Adapter CountAdapter TypeWeightPrice
SX-UFE-B-06LCSignamax LC Adapter Plate, Beige Adapters12-Fiber (6-Duplex)LC Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-08LCSignamax LC Adapter Plate, Beige Adapters16-Fiber (8-Duplex)LC Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-12LCSignamax LC Adapter Plate, Beige Adapters24-Fiber (6-Quad)LC Multimode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-06LC-CSignamax LC Adapter Plate, Blue Adapters12-Fiber (6-Duplex)LC Single Mode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-08LC-CSignamax LC Adapter Plate, Blue Adapters16-Fiber (8-Duplex)LC Single Mode0.2 lb
SX-UFE-B-12LC-CSignamax LC Adapter Plate, Blue Adapters24-Fiber (6-Quad)LC Single Mode0.2 lb
Blank Filler Plate
Part #DescriptionFiber / Adapter CountAdapter TypeWeightPrice
SX-UFE-B-BLSignamax Blank Filler Adapter PlateBlank-0.2 lb
  • Available in simplex, duplex, and quad adapter configurations to support fiber counts up to 24 per plate
  • Single-mode adapters use a phosphor bronze sleeve, while multimode adapters utilize a zirconia ceramic sleeve to provide reliable connectivity and minimal loss
  • Small form design is ideal for both simplistic and modular applications that require more than one type of fiber connectivity
  • Convenient plunger-style locks (“pushpins”) offer fast mounting and removal without requiring tools or special hardware
  • Also available in blank panels - great for filling in unused adapter slots or reserving space for future additions


Part # Sleeve Fiber/Adapter Count Adapter Type Adapter Color
SX-UFE-B-06ST Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 6-Fiber (6-Simplex) ST Multimode Metal Adapters
SX-UFE-B-08ST Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 8-Fiber (8-Simplex) ST Multimode Metal Adapters
SX-UFE-B-12ST Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 12-Fiber (12-Simplex) ST Multimode Metal Adapters
SX-UFE-B-08ST-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 8-Fiber (8-Simplex) ST Single Mode Metal Adapters
SX-UFE-B-06SC Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 6-Fiber (6-Simplex) SC Multimode Beige Adapters
SX-UFE-B-08SC Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 8-Fiber (8-Simplex) SC Multimode Beige Adapters
SX-UFE-B-12SC Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 12-Fiber (6-Duplex) SC Multimode Beige Adapters
SX-UFE-B-06SC-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 6-Fiber (6-Simplex) SC Single Mode Blue Adapters
SX-UFE-B-08SC-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 8-Fiber (8-Simplex) SC Single Mode Blue Adapters
SX-UFE-B-12SC-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 12-Fiber (6-Duplex) SC Single Mode Blue Adapters
SX-UFE-B-06LC Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 12-Fiber (6-Duplex) LC Multimode Beige Adapters
SX-UFE-B-08LC Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 16-Fiber (8-Duplex) LC Multimode Beige Adapters
SX-UFE-B-12LC Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 24-Fiber (6-Quad) LC Multimode Beige Adapters
SX-UFE-B-06LC-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 12-Fiber (6-Duplex) LC Single Mode Blue Adapters
SX-UFE-B-08LC-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 16-Fiber (8-Duplex) LC Single Mode Blue Adapters
SX-UFE-B-12LC-C Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve 24-Fiber (6-Quad) LC Single Mode Blue Adapters
SX-UFE-B-06MTRJ Phosphor Bronze Sleeve 12-Fiber (6-Duplex) MT-RJ Single/Multimode Beige Adapters






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