Quest USB Charging Wall Plates

Add USB Fast-Charging capability to standard electrical outlets


What's Special About Quest USB Charging Wall Plates

  • Fast and Easy Installation - Does not require electrical wiring
  • Simply replace the existing wallplate
  • Leaves both AC outlets free for use
  • Charge up to 2 devices simultaneously
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ETL Listed FCC Certification

Quest USB Charging Wall Plates are the easiest way to add USB Fast-Charging Wall Plates to any standard indoor duplex or decor electrical outlets. Installation is super easy! All you need to do it remove the existing wall plate and replace is with the USB wall plate using the same screws. Both outlets remain free when you plug in up to two smartphone devices. The Decor wall plate has a convenient smart phone stand molded into the faceplate so that it can sit along the wall and out of the way - instead of on the floor.

Price Table #1
Part #DescriptionPrice
Q-EDP-3028USB Charging Duplex Wall Plate
Q-EDP-3128USB Charging Décor Wall Plate
  • Keeps two outlets available while you use up to two USB ports
  • input 90-130 V 50/60Hz 500 mA Max
  • Output 5.0V 3.1A (Total) 2.1A (Single USB)
  • ROHS, FC, ETL Interlek
  • Conforms to UL Std
  • Certified ti CSA
  • Does not require electrical wiring
  • Single Gang, Dual USB Port
  • Decor model has a convenient smartphone stand so your device doesn't need to be on the floor
Part # Description Dimensions Weight
Q-EDP-3028 USB Charging Duplex Wall Plate 2.75" W X 6.12" H 0.16lbs
Q-EDP-3128 USB Charging Décor Wall Plate 2.75" W X 6.12" H 0.19lbs


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