AmerTac™ Westek® Slide Dimmers

Simply Glide Your Lights to Reach the Desired Mood


What's special about these sliding Westek® controllers?

  • Convert existing regular lights into dimmable lights
  • Full range dimming for the right amount of light
  • Easy to install for a fast set up
  • 30 Sec. delay off mode
  • Click for More Features

Setting the right amount of light is a sure way to change the mood in a room, however it is not an easy task to accomplish if you don’t have the right equipment for it. Amertac™ introduces Westek® Slide Controlled Dimmers; designed to make dimming your lights very easy and affordable. Take control of your lighting mood with this practical, affordable solution.

Part # IMG Description Color Weight Price
AME-4010 AmerTac™ Westek® Slide Dimmers Table Top Lamp Dimmer White 0.52 lb
  • LED locator lamp, easy to find in the dark
  • Table top base comes with non-skid, non-mark finish
  • Easy to install for a fast set up
  • Soft start feature avoids hurting eyes when lights go on
  • 5-Year manufacturer's warranty

    AME-4010 300 Incandescent & Halogen Full Range Plug In - Slide Dimmer
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    How-To Corner



    Installation Instructions

    AME-4010 – Table Top Lamp Dimmer

    1. Unplug your lamp
    2. Plug your lamp into the unit
    3. Plug the unit into your outlet
    4. Slide switch for desired light level
    5. You can secure the dimmer to a surface by using the provided screws, which slide into the two slots on the bottom of the unit

    Note: Do not use this dimmer control with another dimmer in the same circuit.

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