Watt Stopper PW-100 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor

SmartSet™ Technology Saves You Energy and Money


What's special about this switch?

  • Turns lights off in unoccupied spaces, which prevents you from wasting energy and saves you money
  • Highly sensitive to movements, and responds quickly to turn lights on and off when occupants enter or leave a room
  • Detection Signature Processing feature gets rid of pesky false triggers and also gives immunity to RFI and EMI
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Highly aesthetically appealing, the Watt Stopper WS-PW-100 Passive Infrared (PIR) Wall Switch Sensor will turn your lights ON and OFF without you even having to touch a switch. This device is highly sensitive to large and small movements, so by simply walking in or out, you affect the lighting environment.

Part #DescriptionLengthWidthHeightColorsPrice
WS-PW-100PW-100 passive infrared (PIR) wall switch sensor2.73"1.76"1.83"White, Ivory, Light Almond, Gray
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  • Easy to install, because the WS-PW-100 fits in place of standard existing wall switches and single gang junction boxes
  • In automatic mode, sensor returns automatically to Auto-ON after lights are turned off manually; ideal for presentations
  • Override mode allows sensor to operate as a service switch in the unlikely event of a failure
  • NEMA WD 7 standards utilized for coverage testing
  • Zero-crossing for long relay life
  • Durability and precision built in with the vandal resistant lens
  • Select from automatic ON or manual ON, depending on your needs
  • Excellent coverage for exceptional performance
  • Audible feature allows you to select audible and/or visual alerts for before your lights shut off, so that you're not left in the dark
  • Several modes of operation, such as selectable walk-through, test, and presentation, allow you to customize the settings you need at any time
  • Selectable walk-through mode turns lights off three minutes after the room is initially occupied if no motion is detected after the first 30 seconds
  • SmartSet™ technology affords you even greater energy savings than standard switches
  • Color-matched lens and low profile design create an attractive look for any decor
  • For best performance, use in spaces no larger than 15’ x 12’.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


This sensor is best suited for small, enclosed spaces where there is a clear line between the occupant and the sensor. Perfect for small offices, small conference rooms and lunch/break rooms where lights are often left on unnecessarily.

Equipped with SmartSet™ technology that is simply smart. This amazing unit actually monitors the controlled space to identify usage patterns and will then automatically adjust the time delay for optimal energy efficiency. SmartSet™ is also able to differentiate electrical noise from human motion for greater performance.



Nominal Voltage (V) 120/230/277 VAC, 50/60Hz
Nominal Wattage (W) From 0 to 800W (120VAC)
Load Type Compatibility Incandescent, fluorescent, magnetic or electronic ballast
Load Rating @ 120 VAC, 0-800 W ballast or tungsten,1/6 hp
Horsepower Rating (each relay) 1/6 HP @120VAC
Time Delay Adjustment SmartSet (automatic), fixed (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes), walk-through, testmode
Walk-Through Mode 3 minutes if no activity after 30 sec.
Test Mode 5 sec. at initial power up or DIP switch reset
PIR Adjustment High or Low (DIP switch)
Light Level Adjustment 8fc to 180+fc
Alerts Selectable Audible & Visual
Coverage Major motion 35’x 30’
Minor motion 20’ x 15’
Sensitivity adjustment PIR (high/low)
Ballast Any
Beam Angle 180°
Fixture Requirement Single-gang
US Patents 5640113, 6617560B2,
A4787722, A4874962
Dimensions L x W x D 2.73" x 1.76" x 1.83" (69.3mm x 44.7mm x 46.5mm)
Warranty 5-year manufacturer’s warranty




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