Retrofit USB Chargers

This Conference Room & Desk Power Station Does Not Require Holes or Table Cutouts for Installation

Available Jacks for Open Ports

What's special about the Power Data Center - Edge Mount?

  • Attaches to a variety of table or desk thicknesses.
  • Quick and easy installation, does not require table or desk cut-outs.
  • 2 Power and 2 Phone/Data outlets.
  • Jacks not included
  • Voice/Data Adapter Kit included with each kit.
  • Can be quickly removed and reused.
  • Click for More Features
  • ULCSA Approved

Retrofit USB Chargers
Part # Image Type/Features Cord Length Price
BY-BE03844-AV-72 Power Data Center - Edge Mount BY-BE03844-AV-72 Retrofit USB Simplex Charger White
BY-BE03844-C-72 Power Data Center - Edge Mount BY-BE03844-C-72 Retrofit USB Simplex Charger Black
  • 2 Simplexes
  • 6 Ft. 15 Amp cord
  • Adjustable rear clamp attaches to a variety of work surface thicknesses (used to attach to the edge of the work surface).
  • 2 Voice/data ports
  • Voice/Data Adapter Kits to accept voice/data couplers and jack included.
  • UL Listed & CSA Certified
  • Assembly required
  • Available in Black or Transparent Molded Colors.


    dimensional diagram of EdgeMount powerdata center



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    Installation Instructions:
    1. Select the appropriate BE01421 voice/data adapter from the chart below (example: Avaya coupler/jack would use "AA" adapter). *Jacks & couplers sold separately. Note: Adapters accommodate coupler/jacks by the following manufacturers:

      AA .654 X .700 Avaya/AT&T
      AA .654 X .700 Lucent Technologies
      BB .594 x .792 AMP/Tyco Cat 5 / Panduit, Keystone Type
      BB .594 x .792 Allen Tel / Leviton
      CC .594 x .792 Amp/Tyco Cat 3 type
      CC .594 x .792 Krone Cat 5 / Hubbell Cat 5
      DD No Opening Blank (no coupler/jack)
      DD No Opening Blank (no coupler/jack)
      EE .665 x .930 Ortronics TracJack Cat 6/5E/5
      EE .665 x .930 Ortronics TracJack Cat 6/5E/5
      FF .626 x .660 Panduit Mini-Com Connectors
      FF .626 x .660 Panduit Mini-Com Connectors
      GG .953 Diameter Microphone jack/3-in XLR
      HH - 9 Pin Serial Adapter

    2. Snap voice/data jack into adapter following the instructions provided with the jack
    3. Once assembled, snap adapter into the notched, square holes in the orientation shown.
    4. If provided, snap adapter into any 1-3/8" x 2-3/4" opening.

    Voice/Data communication


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