IGUS® Chainflex® TPE Data Cables

Rugged and Flexible Shielded Data Cables for Maximum Mechanical Load Requirements


What's special about these shielded data cables?

  • Premium grade copper conductor cable that is available in 2 to 18 twisted pair strands for creating data connections in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Strain relief center core helps to eliminate high tensile stress to the outer core, which can cause performance degradation or system halts if conductors become damaged or severed
  • Highly flexible and particularly abrasion-resistant TPE outer jacket keeps conductors safe, especially in moving machinery orcable and hose carrier systems
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RoHS CompliantCE

IGUS® Chainflex® TPE Data Cables are designed to provide professional installers with a premium grade wiring solution that is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications requiring maximum performance and reliability.

All Cuts Under 200 FEET in length are Non-Returnable / Non-Refundable
All returns are subject to a restocking fee. Goods not in resaleable condition will not be accepted

Part ## of Twisted
Conductor Pairs
Outer Diameter
Weight / FTPrice
IGU-CF11-02-02-022 Pair240.28"0.034 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-02-03-023 Pair240.35"0.041 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-07-03-023 Pair180.43"0.089 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-25-03-023 Pair140.65"0.279 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-01-04-024 Pair260.28"0.043 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-02-04-024 Pair240.35"0.055 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-05-04-024 Pair200.39"0.073 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-10-04-024 Pair170.47"0.122 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-02-05-025 Pair240.35"0.068 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-05-06-026 Pair200.51"0.129 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-15-06-026 Pair160.67"0.285 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-03-08-028 Pair220.49"0.105 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-05-08-028 Pair200.55"0.167 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-02-09-029 Pair240.49"0.133 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-02-10-0210 Pair240.51"0.136 lb
Manufacturer Direct
IGU-CF11-01-18-0218 Pair260.55"0.112 lb
Manufacturer Direct

All cuts under 200 ft are non-returnable/ non-refundable

Whether you’re looking for a data cable that can withstand the constant friction of a CNC mill cable chain or survive in an outdoor crane that is constantly exposed to cold weather, UV, oil and other harsh environmental factors, these data cables will meet or even exceed your application's requirements. Designed with a durable TPE outer jacket and an inner copper braid shield that provides extreme abrasion resistance and EMI protection while remaining highly flexible to adapt to the requirements of automated machinery.

  • Inner core consists of multiple twisted pairs of highly flexible, finely stranded copper conductors that are in accordance with EN 60228
  • Conductors are individually insulated in a color-coded, thin-walled TPE jacket that provides easy recognition and helps to reduce installation mistakes and crossed wires
  • Intermediate jacket is a pressure extruded, gusset-filled TPE blend that has been adapted to requirements for use in chain linked cable  carrier systems
  • Overall shield is made from highly flexible tinned copper braids that protect the conductors from electromagnetic interference, and also acts as 2nd level of defense in case the outer jacket is breached or worn thin
  • Outer jacket is made from a high-flex TPE blend that provides excellent oil, bio-oil, UV, and coolant resistance
  • Halogen-free
  • PVC-free
  • CE Rated
  • RoHS compliant


Typical Applications:

  • Freely suspended and gliding travel of up to 1,312’ (400m)
  • Low temperature applications
  • Storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses
  • CNC and milling machinery
  • Cleanrooms
  • Outdoor cranes and construction machinery
  • Maritime applications


Part # AWG # of Twisted Pairs & Rated Cross-Section in mm2 Outer Diameter (approx) Copper Index Weight
lbs/mft * kg/km lbs/mft kg/km
CF11-01-04-02 26 4 Pair x 0.14 0.28" [7mm] 18.8 28 43 64
CF11-01-18-02 26 18 Pair x 0.14 0.55" [14mm] 58.5 86 111.5 164
CF11-02-02-02 24 2 Pair x 0.25 0.28" [7mm] 20.4 30 34 50
CF11-02-03-02 24 3 Pair x 0.25 0.35" [9mm] 23.1 34 40.8 60
CF11-02-04-02 24 4 Pair x 0.25 0.35" [9mm] 29.9 44 54.4 80
CF11-02-05-02 24 5 Pair x 0.25 0.35" [9mm] 37.4 55 68 100
CF11-02-09-02 24 9 Pair x 0.25 0.49" [12.5mm] 62 92 133 198
CF11-02-10-02 24 10 Pair x 0.25 0.51" [13mm] 67.3 99 136 200
CF11-03-08-02 22 8 Pair x 0.34 0.49" [12.5mm] 61.2 90 104.7 154
CF11-05-04-02 20 4 Pair x 0.5 0.39" [10mm] 61.9 91 73.4 108
CF11-05-06-02 20 6 Pair x 0.5 0.51" [13mm] 64.6 95 129.2 190
CF11-05-08-02 20 8 Pair x 0.5 0.55" [14mm] 88 131 167 250
CF11-07-03-02 18 3 Pair x 0.75 0.43" [11mm] 52.4 77 89.1 131
CF11-10-04-02 17 4 Pair x 1.0 0.47" [12mm] 82.3 121 122.4 180
CF11-15-06-02 16 6 Pair x 1.5 0.67" [17mm] 164.6 242 284.9 419
CF11-55-03-02 14 3 Pair x 2.5 0.65" [16.5mm] 142.8 210 278.8 410

* lbs/mft = pounds per thousand feet


Technical Data

Minimum bending radius, moving: 10 x outer cable diameter
Minimum bending radius, fixed: 5 x outer cable diameter
Permissible temperature, moving: -31°F to +212°F (-35°C to +100°C)
Permissible temperature, fixed: -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C)
Voltage: 300V
Testing voltage: 1500V
Oil resistance: High
UV resistance: High
Compliant CE, RoHS, Halogen-free, PVC-free, EN 60228
Conductor colors: Color code DIN 47100 up to 18 AWG, 17-14 AWG are black with white printed numbers







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