Cat6 Composite Cable


What's special about this composite cable?

  • High Performance Commercial Grade Low Voltage Cable
  • Extra Headroom Provides Room for Growth
  • Third Party Verified to TIA/EIA-568-C.2
  • RoHS Compliance for the Requirement of European Union Issued Directive 2002/95/EC
  • Marked In Descending Order (So you Always Know How Much Cable is Left)
  • Supplied on a 500' Easy to Use Wooden Spool

The standard process of pulling a single cable through pathways and conduit can be labor-intensive with multiple cables. There are multiple things the installer has to keep in mind before, during, and after pulling cable, such as size of the pathway and/or conduit, cable length, making sure the cable is not kinked or damaged, and is the cable properly stripped and terminated. Now think about if the installer has to pull multiple cables to the same location, the installer would have to repeat the process for each cable. We have an alternative. Our Bundled Cables allow installers to run multiple cables to one location in a single pull saving the installers precious time, money and resources. When only one bundled cable is pulled, the potential for length variations across individual cables is eliminated, reducing cable scrap and additional time needed to re-pull short lengths. Having only one reel with bundled cable also provides overall easier handling and less waste on the work site. The bundled cables were designed to help simplify the process of pulling cables in homes and/or offices. Our versatile bundled cable is everything all rolled into one with 2x RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cables and 2x CAT6 600MHz 23AWG UTP Solid CMR Cables covered in a blue PVC sheathing. This cable is available in a length of 500 ft. on a durable wooden spool.

Cat6 Composite Cable
Part # Image Description What's Inside the Box Price
BCC-2140 BCC-2140 Cat6 Composite Cable Bundled Cable With 2x CAT6 UTP CMR Cables + 2x RG6U Quad Shield Coaxial Cables in a Blue PVC Jacket on a 500 ft. Wooden Spool
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