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We all know what happens when cords are left alone to their own devices... they tangle themselves together. It's a fact of life for most people, but it doesn't have to be. The devices on this page might look simple, but they’re some of the best solutions for the organization of headphone cords, computer cables and other wires that might be hanging around the desk in your home, office or studio. They may have funny names, but they all do basically the same thing: wind your cables so they stay organized, untangled, and out of sight.

How to Organize iPhone® Cords

iPhone® owners, unite: it's time to rally against the tangled, disorganized earbud cords that are keeping you from fully enjoying your high-tech gadgets. is here to equip you for the task, with a lineup of 5 pint-sized cord organizers that, despite their small stature, really know how to whip earphone cords into shape. So go ahead, break out that iPhone, and experience listening as it's meant to be: well organized and tangle-free.

Cable Turtle

cable turtles

The mini Cable Turtle, to be specific. We're crazy about the Cable Turtle for it's flexible cord-hiding shell and it’s sleek good looks, which landed it in the Museum of Modern Art's design collection. This is another cord winder that you can leave dangling at-the-ready on your iPhone earbud cord without it getting in the way.

Wondering how it works? It's easy – just flip open the mini Cable Turtle's shell, wrap your earphone cable around the inner core, then snap the shell closed again to conceal the coiled-up cable. Adjustments go the same way – with the Turtle open, wind or unwrap as much cord as you need to, then close the shell back up.


Cable Yoyo

True to its name, the Cableyoyo™ lets you wind up eabud cords similar to how you'd coil string into a toy yoyo. The only difference is that the Cableyoyo™ doesn't have the automatic retractive pull of the real thing – instead you, the iPhone enthusiast, hand-wind cords until they're exactly the length you require.

The Cableyoyo™ is designed with an internal clasp that holds your headphone cord in place once you have it adjusted to your liking, and also has the ability to mount onto flat surfaces like walls, dashboards, and even onto iPhones themselves. Once its adhesive base is attached to the surface of your gadget, the Cableyoyo can be snapped onto and off of it as needed, staying with your earbuds and keeping them organized whether they're plugged into, or disconnected from, your iPhone.

The Core Cord Organizer

cord organizer, achs-03616

A core to go with your… Apple? With a lightweight design and tiny dimensions (1" x 1-3/8"), this core-shaped cable winder is small enough that it can hang out on your iPhone® headphones even when you're using them. The Core couldn't be simpler to use – just wrap excess length around the middle, then lock the cable in place by popping it into the channels at both ends.

When it comes time to adjust the length of your headphone cords, just remove one end of the cable from its channel, wrap or unwrap it to length you need, then re-secure it. Done!



If you've found that your iPhone® earbud cords get hopelessly tangled whenever they're not in use, then the earPod just may be your ideal companion. This super-compact earphone storage capsule lets you wind earbud cords around its outer channel, and then gently stores the earpieces themselves in its felt-lined inner chamber. With a diameter of only 1-1/2" and a depth of 1/2", the earPod is just as easy to carry around in your pocket as it is to toss into a purse or backpack.