Micro and Mini Cable Clics

Organize the Tangle of Cords from Small Electronics and Appliances with a Clic


What's special about this Cord Clic cable organizer?

  • Adjustable jaws enclose cables or wires, securing them against knotting or breaking.
  • These cable clamps can be reused over and over, saving money from being wasted on non-reusable cable ties or  bulky cable wraps.
  • Two sizes available to match any cable length and size:
      • Micro fits bundles 13/32" – 5/8" (10mm – 16mm)
      • Mini fits bundles 5/8" – 1" (16mm – 25mm).
  • Common uses are earphones, chargers, personal electronics, small appliances, travel and office accessories.
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The Mini and Micro Cable Clic can neatly hold wires and cables that would otherwise end up tangled, knotted, or damaged. The unique locking system allows you to hold the cables snugly or loosely depending on your application, and it also has a Cable Keeper attached to the handle for storage.

Part # Description Kit Includes Weight Price
QA-KP0148 Cable Clic® 5 pack Mini Clic Kit
  • 5 Minis (Green, White/Black, Black, Clear, White)
  • 1 Micro (White) - bonus
0.16 lb
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  • The Cable Clic features a squeeze-and-release locking latch that is easy for young or old fingers to use.
  • Manufactured with UV-resistant polymers and stainless steel for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Pivoting arm moves in a unique arc, offering abundant space to collect and hold cables or cords.
  • The "Cable Keeper," which is attached to the handle, allows you to store the Cable Clic on a hook, push pin, or even a belt loop.
  • Need a larger size for larger diameter cables? Check out the Cable Clic’s brother, the Cable Clamp.

    Part # QA-KP0148 QA-KP0155
    Package Size 5" x 8" 5" x 8"
    Total Qty/Pack 6 8
    Qty of Minis 5 4
    Qty of Micros 1 4
    Micro Bundle Diameter 13/32" – 5/8" (10mm – 16mm)
    Mini Bundle Diameter 5/8" – 1" (16mm – 25mm)
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