Smart Band® Nylon Cable Lashing Ties

Remarkable 386 lbs. of Tensile Strength


What's special about this non-corrosive strapping?

  • Semi-releasable head buckle lets you quickly and easily unbind the tie for another use.
  • Low maintenance, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and no electrolysis - safe for you and the environment.
  • Contours to any shape to make a snug fit each time.
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The Smart Band® is an ideal alternative to expensive non-corrosive metal banding or strapping. In addition to being lightweight, safe, and easy to install, its strength and non-corrosive characteristics offer a strong competitive advantage over expensive non-corrosive metal banding.

Part # Reel Length Width Weight Price
HCL-VT-7RBK-810 820 ft 7mm (1/4") 20 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-SM-STBK483-1-410 410 ft 10mm (3/8") 12.0 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-VT-19RBK-100 100 ft 19mm (3/4") 8 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-VT-19RBK-200 200 ft 19mm (3/4") 16 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Quantity Width Weight Price
HCL-SM-HBKR-130 130 Releasable Heads 10mm (3/8") 4.25 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-VT-19HBK-50 50 Releaseable Heads 19mm (3/4") 1 lb
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Weight Price
HCL-710-TOOL HCL Smart Band Tool for 7mm (1/4") & 10mm (3/8") only with cutter 2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-SM-FT-2000-19 HCL Smart Band Tool for 19mm (3/4") only with cutter 4 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Improves safety because there are no sharp edges to cut operators, equipment or the public.
  • Cut the exact length you need, so no banding is ever wasted.
  • Secure - banding won't snap off, because it contours to any shape or form.
  • Helps separate, hold, and support hoses, conduits and pipes for ease in carrying or transporting.
  • Made of sturdy corrosion-resistant nylon to withstand most environments.
  • Band Width 19mm [3/4"] 10mm [3/8"] 7mm [1/4"]
    Max Strength (kgs / lbs) 500 / 1100 200 / 485 95 / 230
    Min Temp (C° / F°) -40 / -40 -40 / -40 -40 / -40
    Max Temp (C° / F°) 125 / 260 125 / 260 125 / 260
    Min Diameter (mm / inch) 75 / 3 100 / 4 75 / 3
    Max Diameter (mm / inch) N/A 800 / 32 600 / 24
    Band Thickness (mm / inch) 3.6 / 0.14 3.6 / 0.14 2.5 / 0.1
    Supply Condition Reel Reel Reel
    Hand Tool HCL-SM-FT-2000-19 HCL-710-TOOL HCL-710-TOOL
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    How-To Corner





    The Smart Band® is very simple to fit. The band is inserted into the head, wrapped around the fixing and inserted through the opposite end of the head. Using the tool* the band is then tightened and any excess band cut off. Semi-releasable bands can be removed simply by lifting the locking tabs and withdrawing the band from the head.
    * The 4mm and 7mm Smart Band® can also be fitted and tightened with hand pliers.

    STEP 1:


    Smart Band Installation step 1

    Insert band into head.


    STEP 2:


    wrap band around & insert into opposite head

    Wrap band around support and insert into opposite end of head.


    STEP 3:


    tighten band

    Use tightening tool to tighten band around fixing.


    STEP 4:


    remove excess band

    Use cutter blade on tool to remove excess band.


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