Smart Band® Nylon Cable Lashing Ties

Remarkable 386 lbs. of Tensile Strength


What's special about this non-corrosive strapping?

  • Semi-releasable head buckle lets you quickly and easily unbind the tie for another use
  • Low maintenance, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and no electrolysis - safe for you and the environment
  • Contours to any shape to make a snug fit each time
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The Smart Band® is an ideal alternative to expensive non-corrosive metal banding or strapping. In addition to being lightweight, safe, and easy to install, its strength and non-corrosive characteristics offer a strong competitive advantage over expensive non-corrosive metal banding.

Part #Reel LengthWidthWeightPrice
HCL-VT-7RBK-810820 ft7mm (1/4")20 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-SM-STBK483-1-410410 ft10mm (3/8")12.0 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-VT-19RBK-100100 ft19mm (3/4")8 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-VT-19RBK-200200 ft19mm (3/4")16 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part #QuantityWidthWeightPrice
HCL-SM-HBKR-130130 Releasable Heads10mm (3/8")4.25 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-VT-19HBK-5050 Releaseable Heads19mm (3/4")1 lb
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
HCL-710-TOOLHCL Smart Band Tool for 7mm (1/4") & 10mm (3/8") only with cutter2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
HCL-SM-FT-2000-19HCL Smart Band Tool for 19mm (3/4") only with cutter4 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Improves safety because there are no sharp edges to cut operators, equipment or the public
  • Cut the exact length you need, so no banding is ever wasted
  • Secure - banding won't snap off, because it contours to any shape or form
  • Helps separate, hold, and support hoses, conduits and pipes for ease in carrying or transporting
  • Made of sturdy corrosion-resistant nylon to withstand most environments
Band Width 19mm [3/4"] 10mm [3/8"] 7mm [1/4"]
Max Strength (kgs / lbs) 500 / 1100 200 / 485 95 / 230
Min Temp (C° / F°) -40 / -40 -40 / -40 -40 / -40
Max Temp (C° / F°) 125 / 260 125 / 260 125 / 260
Min Diameter (mm / inch) 75 / 3 100 / 4 75 / 3
Max Diameter (mm / inch) N/A 800 / 32 600 / 24
Band Thickness (mm / inch) 3.6 / 0.14 3.6 / 0.14 2.5 / 0.1
Supply Condition Reel Reel Reel
Hand Tool HCL-SM-FT-2000-19 HCL-710-TOOL HCL-710-TOOL


The Smart Band® is very simple to fit. The band is inserted into the head, wrapped around the fixing and inserted through the opposite end of the head. Using the tool* the band is then tightened and any excess band cut off. Semi-releasable bands can be removed simply by lifting the locking tabs and withdrawing the band from the head.
* The 4mm and 7mm Smart Band® can also be fitted and tightened with hand pliers.

Smart Band Installation step 1 wrap band around & insert into opposite head tighten band remove excess band
1. Insert band into head. 2. Wrap band around support and insert into opposite end of head 3. Use tightening tool to tighten band around fixing. 4. Use cutter blade on tool to remove excess band






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