Arlington® Non-Metallic Cord Grips

Effective Cable Management for Electrical Applications


What's special about these cable connectors?

  • Connects up to (9) 0.225” cables to your combiner, junction box, or conduit fitting.
  • Inner grommet keeps cables separate and organized for easy routing to its destination and faster termination.
  • Cables are squeezed as the nut is tightened, ensuring cables do not move and keeping out dirt and debris.
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Non-Metallic Cord Grips by Arlington® provide the neatest, most secure wire installations in a variety of applications. These sturdy connectors hold up to 9 cables, keeping them separated and held tightly in place for routing to your desired destination. They may be used indoors or outdoors thanks to its UV rated plastic construction.

Part # Diameter Cable Capacity Cable Diameter Qty Weight Price / Pack
AI-NMPV100 1" 1-9 Cables 0.225" 1 0.14 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • UV rated plastic construction allows years of reliable outdoor use in the hottest conditions.
  • Sealing ring keeps out moisture for increased electrical safety and corrosion resistance.
  • Smooth black finish compliments any environment or décor.
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag

    Part # AI-NMPV100
    Diameter 1"
    Cable Capacity 1-9 Cables
    Cable Diameter 0.225"
    Quantity 1
    Weight 0.14 lb
    Color Black with Yellow Rings
    Material Zinc / UV Rated Plastic
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