EMT Conduit Set Screw Couplings

Easy-to-Install EMT Couplings


What's special about these set screw connectors?

  • Allows you to create quick and easy splices between 2 EMT conduit sections.
  • Simple set screw design holds firmly to the conduit for greater tensile strength.
  • Ball burnished, mirror-smooth die cast zinc material resists corrosion and is extremely strong for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Can be used to create a concrete-tight connection, using tape for added insulation.
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  • ULCSA Approved

These set screw couplings by Bridgeport Fittings are the perfect solution for repairing, splicing, or routing steel or aluminum EMT conduit. These easy to install fittings join two pieces of raceway using a zinc die cast collar and Phillips head screws.

Set Screw Couplings

Part # Description Dimensions (Inches) A Dimensions (Inches) B Box Quantity Price Per Box
CON-88031542 1/2" Set Screw EMT Coupling 1-1/2 1/2" 50
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031545 3/4" Set Screw EMT Coupling 1-7/8 3/4" 25
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031548 1" Set Screw EMT Coupling 2-1/16 1" 25
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031551 1 1/4" Set Screw EMT Coupling 2-7/8 1-1/4" 10
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031554 1 1/2" Set Screw EMT Coupling 3 1-1/2" 10
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031557 2" Set Screw EMT Coupling 3-7/16 2" 10
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031560 3" Set Screw EMT Coupling 4-1/2 3" 1
Manufacturer Direct
CON-88031562 4" Set Screw EMT Coupling 5-1/4 4" 1
Manufacturer Direct
  • Equipped with set screws featuring TriDrive slot/Phillips/Robertson heads, so they can be installed with commonly used tools.
  • Ideal for repairs or replacement on sections of electrical raceway, or splicing for added length.
  • UL Listed for use on both steel and aluminum conduit.
  • Meets or exceeds the following:

    1. NEMA Standard: FB-1
    2. UL Standard: UL-514B
    3. UL File Number: E24001
    4. CSA File Number: LR39354
    5. Federal Specification: A-A-50553
    6. UNSPSC: 30211709


    Material Zinc Die Cast
    Finish Ball burnished, mirror smooth
    Temperature Rating to 221°F (105°C)
    Certifications & Codes:
    NEMA Standard: FB-1
    UL Standard: UL-514B
    UL File Number: E24001
    CSA File Number LR39354
    Federal Number: A-A-50553
    UNSPSC: 30211822
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    Questions & Answers


    Does it matter if your set screws on the coupling is up or a the side when tightening them to EMT according to NEC?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 10.11 AM Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

    • - hello, the manufacturer recommendeds to align them upward, but having them tightened to the side will work fine as well.

      Anonymous user on 11.49 AM Tuesday, 01 August, 2017

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