EMT Conduit Set Screw Connectors

Concrete-Tight Set Screw Connectors


What's special about these EMT conduit fittings?

  • Allows you to connect EMT to enclosures, junction boxes, or in-floor boxes with ease.
  • Equipped with a set screw for secure attachment and high strain relief.
  • Made of zinc electro-plated steel for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Available in 1/2" through 2" to accommodate the most common sizes of conduit available.
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These conduit connector fittings allow you to connect your EMT to j-boxes & outlet boxes quickly and easily. These EMT connectors install using only the provided screw, so, no conduit glue or specialty crimp tools are needed.

EMT Conduit Set Screw Connectors

Part #DescriptionDimensions ADimensions BDimensions CBox QuantityPrice Per Box
CON-880314741/2" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR1-3/16"3/4"1"50
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880314843/4" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR1-7/16"15/16"1-3/16"25
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880314941" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR1-5/8"1-1/16"1-7/16"25
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880315041-1/4" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR2"1-3/8"1-7/8"10
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880315141-1/2" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR2-5/16"1-9/16"2-1/16"10
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880315242" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR2-9/16"1-13/16"2-9/16"10
Manufacturer Direct
CON-880315353" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR3"2-5/8"4"1
Manufacturer Direct
CON-883013864" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR3-11/16"2-11/16"5"1
Manufacturer Direct
  • Rated for use up to 221°F(105°C) for use in high temperature settings
  • Can be made to fit concrete-tight standards using tape
  • Meets the following standards:
    • NEMA FB-1
    • UL 514B
    • Federal WF-408E
  • Easy installation requires no special tools or glue
  • Proudly made in the USA USA


EMT Conduit Set Screw Connectors


Part # Description Dimensions (inches) Box Quantity
CON-88031474 1/2" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 1-3/16 3/4 1 50
CON-88031484 3/4" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 1-7/16 15/16 1-3/16 25
CON-88031494 1" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 1-5/8 1-1/16 1-7/16 25
CON-88031504 1 1/4" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 2 1-3/8 1-7/8 10
CON-88031514 1 1/2" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 2-5/16 1-9/16 2-1/16 10
CON-88031524 2" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 2-9/16 1-13/16 2-9/16 10
CON-88031535 3" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 3 2-5/8 4 1
CON-88301386 4" Set Screw EMT CONNECTOR 3-11/16 2-11/16 5 1


Material Steel
Finish Zinc Electro-Plate
Temperature Rating to 221°F(105°C)
Certifications & Codes:
NEMA Standard: FB-1
UL Standard: UL 514B
Federal Number: WF-408E



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Questions & Answers


Who makes these fittings and where are they made? Do you sell BRIDGEPORT FITTINGS?

Asked by Anonymous user on 08.03 AM Thursday, 26 January, 2017

  • - These are actually made by Bridgeport. Manufactured in the US

    Taj S. on 05.48 PM Wednesday, 15 February, 2017

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