Brady Reflective Pipe Marker Banding Tape

Add Higher Visibility To Your Pipe Labels


What's special about this reflective marking tape?

  • Reflective surface makes spotting and identifying vinyl pipe markers easy at night or in low lighting.
  • Available in 6 different colors for color coding and standardization.
  • Self-sticking vinyl material secures your pipe labels for better operation.
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Brady's Reflective Pipe Marker Tape is ideal for securing vinyl pipe labels to pipes in areas where low lighting is a problem. The material reflects even the smallest amount of light to make your pipes highly visible in poor lighting.

1" x 30 ft
Part # Width Length Color Weight Price
BC-105971 1" 30 feet Orange 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105972 1" 30 feet Blue 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105973 1" 30 feet Green 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105974 1" 30 feet Red 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105975 1" 30 feet White 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105976 1" 30 feet Yellow 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
2" x 30 ft
Part # Width Length Color Weight Price
BC-105977 2" 30 feet Orange 0.9 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105978 2" 30 feet Blue 0.9 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105979 2" 30 feet Green 0.9 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105980 2" 30 feet Red 0.9 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105981 2" 30 feet White 0.9 lb
Manufacturer Direct
BC-105982 2" 30 feet Yellow 0.9 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Constructed of Brady's B-946 Vinyl material for durability and long use.
  • Equipped with a high performing acrylic adhesive that adheres permanently for greater reliability.
  • Highly flexible to adhere to curved surfaces without peeling off or gapping.
  • Exceeds Federal Specification L-S-300, Class I and FP-79 Type II.
  • Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 356°F (–40°C to 180°C) for use in manufacturing and food processing.

    Ideal for increased visibility on:

  • Vinyl pipe markers
  • Traffic/Safety cones
  • Cord Covers
  • Safety Signs

    Adhesive Type Permanent cold temperature pressure sencitive acrylic
    Substract Type Vinyl film
    Thickness (PSTC-133) Total: 0.004in (0.125mm)
    Adhesive Properties Adhesion to Steel (PSTC-101)
    15 Minute Dwell (avg.) – 64oz/in (70 N/100mm)
    Ultimate Dwell (72 hrs) (avg.) – 79oz/in (84N/100mm)

    Adhesion to Polypropylene
    15 Minute Dwell (avg.) – 60oz/in (70 N/100mm)
    Ultimate Dwell (72 hrs) (avg.) – 64oz/in (70N/100mm)

    Tack (ASTM D-2979) (avg.) – 1147g

    Drop Shear (PSTC-107) (avg.) – 14 hrs
    Abrasion Resistance (Method 5306 of US Federal Test Method Std. No. 191A) CS-10 wheels, 250g wts
    Legend withstands up to 400 cycles
    Gloss 47 Gardner units
    Minimum Application Temperature 0° F (-18° C)
    Service Temperature -40° F to 180° F (-40°C to 82° C)
    Average Outdoor Durability 5 years (Average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure, climate, mounting techniques and material color)
    Shelf Life 1 year when stored at 70° F (21° C) and 40% to 50% R.H.


    Chemical Resistance
    30% Sulfuric Acid NE NE NE
    10% Sulfuric Acid NE NE NE
    30% HCI F NE NE
    10% HCI NE NE NE
    50% NaOH F NE NE
    10% NaOH F NE NE
    Methyl Ethyl Ketone F F F
    Acetone F F F
    Methanol F NE F
    IPA (Isopropanol) F NE F
    ASTM #3 Oil NE NE NE
    SAE 20 Oil NE NE NE
    Alconox® F NE NE
    Toluene F F F
    Mineral Spirits F NE F
    Glacial Acetic Acid F F F
    5% Acetic Acid NE NE NE
    Diesel Fuel F NE F
    Heptane F NE F
    10% Ammonia NE NE NE
    Turpentine F NE F
    Kerosene NE NE F
    Water NE NE NE
    Gasoline F NE F
    NE = No Effect; NT = Not Tested; F = Failed (affected sample)

    7 Day Immersion: Immersed in reagent for 7 days.
    Dip Test: (5) 10 minute dips in reagent with 30 minute recovery
    Rub Test: Rubbed sample for up to 100 rubs on Sutherland Ink rub tester


    Roll Calculation Guide
    Pipe Diameter Color Bands per Roll
    1" 260
    2" 150
    3" 100
    4" 80
    5" 60
    6" 50
    7" 40
    8" 35
    9" 30
    10" 30


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