Automate Your Business with Barcodes

BY: Christina Hansen


Logistics, asset management and inventory control are so important to any business. Whether you operate a point of sale business, a shipping center, or any business that ships or receives supplies or products, it is difficult to manually keep track of what is coming and going. Barcodes and automation save time, money and lost assets. This method, once fully implemented, can save thousands or even millions of dollars over a short period of time.

You may think it will cost a bundle of money to implement a barcode system to control and track assets. This is not true. A barcode label printer is quite affordable, durable and long lasting. Most businesses only require a few of these devices to effectively manage assets. The very small investment pays for itself almost immediately.

The label printer produces printouts that are durable and will not smear or smudge so they can easily be read by a barcode reader. Most even have memory functions to store the most frequently printed label information. Also, an entire database of inventory and the associated barcodes can be downloaded from a computer into the label maker for easy printing of labels for each and every item in your inventory.

KSun 2012XLST printerThe KSun LABELShop® 2012XLST Label Printer is one example of a label printer with the capabilities you need to implement automated inventory control, barcode- tracked logistics or asset management into your business. It quickly creates automatically sized labels that can include graphics and can even sequentially number the codes.

Even the aerospace industry is using automated logistics functions using barcode labels created by the same type of label printer that you can use at your own place of business. As soon as items arrive, create their unique barcode markings and apply the printed label to the item. Scan the item into the computer system. This will add to your inventory count of that particular asset. When the item is sold, shipped or removed from inventory through use or another method, scan the barcode again and your asset count will be reduced. This allows you to know, up to the minute, exactly how much inventory you have on hand of each item and the actual value of your total inventory.

The use of a label printer for this purpose can also identify inventory reduction that is the result of shrinkage. Shrinkage is a term that refers to inventory that disappears through theft, personal use, or other unethical means. You may think you have trustworthy employees only to learn that you are losing a lot of money because someone is stealing inventory and selling it on the side.

Why wonder what you have on hand to sell or use in your business enterprise? Why manually count inventory, consuming time and therefore money? Know in an instant how many widgets are in the widget inventory and the exact value of your widget inventory. It' so simple and easy when you implement a plan where every employee uses a label printer to create barcodes and labels to mark the items as they come into inventory and as they leave your asset stock.

A label printer system that allows you to dynamically track materials and sales can make a huge difference in how you do business. Work smarter rather than harder and raise the bottom line by saving time and money.