Elasco Five Channel Cable Guard

Economical Heavy-Duty 5 Channel Cable Cover

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What's special about this Heavy Duty 5-channel cord protector?

  • Offers the strongest load capacity on the market
  • Flexible guard contours to the shape of the ground
  • Exlusive push button lid prevents pop-up while driving over
  • Polyurethane makes it great for cold weather
  • Built-in handles on each side of the ramp for easy handling
  • 5 channel design great for separating voice and data cables
  • Offers extra load capacity for heavy duty protection
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RoHS CompliantOSHANational Electro Code

In the Construction and Utilities Industry, very expensive electrical or hose cables need protection from heavy machinery and adverse weather conditions. In the Entertainment Industry, the power and telecommunications cables always need protection from local automobile traffic. Indoors they would need protection from heavy pedestrian traffic. Wherever there are cables and people, there is a need for Cable Guard®. One of the things that make these Cable Guards® unique is their button down lids. No other brand has this feature. They also offer some of the strongest load capacities on the market.

  • No conductive material are used
  • Bigger channel than most cable covers (1-3/8")
  • Adapters available to interconnect to other brands
  • Smooth hammer interlock for easy installation
  • Turns and intersection available for easy routing
  • Ultra Guard Series - Extra low profile and push buttons for extra security
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Non-slip surface design
  • Heavy Duty load capacity
  • Lifetime warranty & Made in the USA. NEC, OSHA, REACH & RoHS compliant


CP-LG5150B 1.38"W x 1.38"H 1.75" H x 16.50" W x 36" L 8,250 lbs per tire 20 lbs
CP-5200-BO 2"W x 2"H 2.5" H x 24" W x 36" L 15,750 lbs per tire 36 lbs
CPY-L-5200 2"W x 2"H 2.5" H x 30.50" W x 31.75" L 15,750 lbs per tire 36 lbs
CPY-R-5200 2"W x 2"H 2.5" H x 30.50" W x 31.75" L 15,750 lbs per tire 36 lbs
CPY-X-5200 2"W x 2"H 2.5" H x 38.25" W x 36.25" L 15,750 lbs per tire 40 lbs
CP5X5140-BO 1.38"W x 1.25"H 1.75" H x 20" W x 36" L 20,000 lbs per tire 24 lbs
CP-UG5140-GLOW 1.38"W x 1.25"H 1.75"H x 20"W x 36"L 20,000 lbs per tire 24 lbs
CPYSC-5140-LFT 1.38"W x 1.25"H 1.75" H x 25" W x 26" L 20,000 lbs per tire 13 lbs
CP-UG5140-ADA 1.375"Wx 1.75"H 1.75"H x 52.50"W x 19"L 20,000 lbs per tire 30 lbs



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