Pro-Hanger Cable Tray Ceiling Suspension System

An Alternative To Threaded Rods Or Chain Suspension Systems

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What's special about this ceiling support system?

  • Attach cable trays to purlins, beams or roof trusses via loop-end fixings, without using threaded rods and beam clamps
  • Snap hooks onto each end in half the time to quickly remove, replace, or redesign cable tray
  • Double-ended hanger system improves the center of gravity for increased stability
  • Basket cable trays sold separately.
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With this cable tray support system, there is no need to drill holes in the ceiling for threaded rods or view ugly chain systems hanging from the rafters. Made of steel wire rope and snap hook ends to give you a neat, clean look.

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Manufacturer recommends place the Y-Fit every 5 feet on the cable tray

Y-Fit Fixing
Part #DescriptionLengthWeight LimitPrice
VPS-05-GR-YH5FTwith 2 Snap hooks ends5 ft200 lbs
VPS-05-GR-YH10FTwith 2 Snap hooks ends10 ft200 lbs
Part #DescriptionLengthWeight LimitPrice
VPA-05-GR-HFYTG5FTwith double toggle ends5 ft200 lbs
VPA-05-GR-HFYTG10FTwith double toggle ends10 ft200 lbs
VPA-05-GR-HFYTG15FTwith double toggle ends15 ft200 lbs
Loop Hangers
Part #DescriptionLengthWeight LimitPrice
VPS-05-GR-HF5FTwith trapeze fasteners5 ft200 lbs
VPS-05-GR-HF10FTwith trapeze fasteners10 ft200 lbs
Part #DescriptionLengthWeight LimitPrice
VPS-05-GR-TOOL4/5Tensioning ToolN/AN/A
  • Trapeze fasteners available for multi-tiered applications
  • Each fastener has a standard weight range of 99.21 lbs to 198.42 lbs to protect your trays and cables from falling
  • Secures cable trays to overhead beams within minutes unlike the typical installation using threaded rods
  • One cable can be detached to allow access to cables or wires for maintenance or repairs
  • The loop-end fitting uses a simple, non-invasive choke knot technique for quick and easy installation
  • Double toggles available for roof cladding, light fittings, luminaries and other cavities
Part # Strand Configuration Min. Breaking Load Max. Working Load (Normal) Tensile Strength (Nmm2)
VPS-05-GR-YH5FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770
VPS-05-GR-YH10FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770
VPA-05-GR-HFYTG5FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770
VPA-05-GR-HFYTG10FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770
VPA-05-GR-HFYTG15FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770
VPS-05-GR-HF5FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770
VPS-05-GR-HF10FT 7x7 1,279 lbs 496 lbs 1770






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Questions & Answers


How does this attach to a beam or truss?

Asked by Anonymous user on 12/3/2018 10:09 AM

  • - Hello, This is a piece of steel wire rope and you can choose how long you would like it; 5, 10, or 15 feet long. Then, one end of the rope will go up and over your beam or truss to come back down to meet the other end. The loop-end fitting uses a simple, non-invasive choke knot technique for quick and easy installation.

    Anonymous user on 12/11/2018 11:34 AM
  • -

    Anonymous user on 12/11/2018 11:28 AM

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