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Date Posted:  09-12-2007

As someone who has responsibility for managing a customer service operation, I wanted to let you know of the excellent customer service provide by Shaun and Mildred during problems with my purchase several weeks ago. First the delivery came without the lift function that was ordered, and I had to uncrate the delivery myself on the truck and cart it into my garage. During that process, the driver assisted and soiled the shelves. Additionally, another item was backordered, but we only found that out after I was in need of the part and it had not been delivered. In the end, they made sure I was treated fairly, got replacement shelves to me timely and got your supplier to provide overnight service to provide a substitute for the backordered part. They followed up and returned my calls timely. Unfortunately, that it is a rarity these days. As a result of their handling of the problems I will go out of my way to place future orders with CableOrganizer.  

Scott C.


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Many, many thanks for the sample, which is exactly (and unfortunately all) I needed. I regret that I am not personally able to put a lot of business your way, but you may be sure that I will tell the story of your excellent help (no more these days) with all the folk I meet. Hopefully one or two of them will need more of this than I do.

Again, MANY thanks.


P. Simmons
Northport, Florida    United States


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Thanks. I see on the UPS site that it's on the way - it's our first time doing business with your company, I didn't really expect a response at all, much less a personal call. I'll definitely remember your company's excellent and personal customer service in the future...  

Greenville, South Carolina    United States


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Thank you so very much for the quick response. It's nice to meet others with the same work values as me.

Have a great day.




Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Thanks for the great customer service- most other companies wouldn't have told me that some items were on backorder until I called them to find out why my order was taking so long.

Thanks again.  

K. Johnson - www.cmountindustries.com


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Thank you very much! I like dealing with you much better than just ordering online. Thanks for the great service!  

J. Cochran


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great service. As a network administrator, I make a lot of purchases from many different vendors. It's a great relief to find a source where I can easily find what I need, order quickly and easily, and count on receiving the items in a reasonable amount of time.

Network glitches, balky servers, and user problems are enough - it's nice not to add procurement hassles to the list.

Thanks a lot.  

D. Capella


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Thanks for your help. You folks are very good- I just got my original order this morning!!! You guys are great. If there is any place to post my great experience, I will be happy to... plus I will refer you to others as I am using these screwdrivers to fix pinball machines, and you have exactly what pinheads need!  



Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I received the replacement fan today and I am very, very impressed with the high level of service I have received from you and your company. Many thanks. Take care.  

D. Winters


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Thanks for the prompt response re order delivery. This was a very small order (under $20) and yet a rep took the time to contact me by telephone. Impressive service. FYI-USPS did, at last, deliver my order--shipped 10/12 and delivered 10/25. Not good, but certainly not your fault.


M. Sebastian


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I just recently returned from Iraq and found out that the people at Pimprig.com have built a PC for me and you have donated a cable sleeving. I would like to thank you personally for the donation and look forward to many hours on the rig.  

J. Darnell


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Hello, this is just a quick note to let you know that I have received my order, and I am very pleased with your service. I hope we get the chance to do business again.  



Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Mark, Just wanted to write and say thanks for the outstanding service you provided me on the phone. Honestly, I could "hear" your smile in your conversation! I have to admit, I wish I were in Florida, instead of Texas!

I hope to do business with you people again! If ever in San Antonio, gimme a holler!!!!!!  

R. Bonds - NCOIC, Speech and Audiology


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I received my order over the weekend; thanks for a great product and a pleasant transaction.

You guys look like you do a great job, congrats!  

E. Lee


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I want you to know how impressed I was with Rafael's assistance and resolution of a problem with a defective product from a previous order. This was the main factor in my decision to give you my further business and order these tapes from you. I have found vendors that may be $1 or $2 cheaper on each cassette, but the excellent service you provide and standing behind your product so well it is worth a little extra to me. Keep up the good work, and thanks again. It is a pleasant surprise these days to find a company that offers such good customer service. We are a small Emergency Services consulting company that does some hardware installation work from time to time. We do not go through a lot of volume on these supplies, but I assure you your website will be my first stop whenever we do need something.  

K. Davidson


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Your website is easy to use and your service is fantastic. My order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you.  

J. Winfield
Portland, Oregon    United States


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Maintaining both a large fleet of vehicles and an interagency computer network is a constant challenge. I was very impressed with the service and speed of delivery that we received from CableOrganizer.com. The sales person was polite, efficient and followed up with us both before and after the sale. I would definitely feel comfortable ordering from CableOrganizer.com in the future, for both my professional and personal needs.  

T. Brady
Cherry Hill, New Jersey    United States


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I just received the spool from Fed-Ex. Thanks again for your help and follow-ups. It is perfect for what we need.

Thanks again.  

B. Fried - Brevard Community College


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Order received today, everything as expected. Thanks for taking the time to call about the backordered item. I am very pleased with this transaction and highly recommend CableOrganizer.com. I will be sure to let all my "modding" friends know about you.

Take care.  

K. Vaughn


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

I was very impressed with this cable organizer! I had doubts about it being able to organize my mess, but it did! I could also easily cut it to split it in two! I had a problem with the shipping, somehow the package was delivered to the wrong address which was the USPS company's fault, but the cable organizer company worked with me and told me I could pick up another one if I didn't get the original one! That is what I call customer service. Fortunately, I found the package at my neighbor's apartment, but its was good to know they would've replaced it if it got lost! Great service!  

Julio Z.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida    United States


Date Posted:  09-12-2007

Hi Fernando,

No need to apologize. I totally understand that this is not the fault of yourself or your company but is down to the incompetence of the postal service. I am stunned that you are prepared to ship out a new order when this is clearly not your fault. This has to be the best customer service in the world! If the original parcel should be delivered to me, please trust that I will return it to you immediately.

Once again, I am utterly amazed at your kindness and understanding and I cannot thank you enough.




Date Posted:  01-11-2008

I am VERY impressed with your efficiency in filling my order, and the courteous phone notification from customer service that a few items were on backorder.

Thank you,

- Michael  

Michael Claggett
Sante Fe, New Mexico    United States


Date Posted:  07-23-2008

I am very pleased with the service given by www.cableorganizer.com. I recommend this sight to everyone. One, because of their fast service, reliability and new products! Two, because they just strive to make your purchase excellent in every way. Thank you, CableOrganizer.com, for your excellent service. Will buy again in the future!  

Arthur Palos
Chicago, Illinois    United States


Date Posted:  01-14-2008

I was very impressed by their customer service. I had accidently ordered the wrong cables, but the CS took care of it without any hassles. Response time was excellent and their CS was very friendly and helpful.   

Yankton, South Dakota    United States


Date Posted:  02-04-2008

I am a Marine currently deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and recently made a purchase on your website. I am writing to you to inform you that my dealings with your company (first time) and more importantly with your personnel, specifically Shaun Berg, were above and beyond any level of customer service that I have experienced recently. If you read the email chain, you will understand why I would like to bring the actions of your employee to your attention. Besides "saving the sale" (at one point you'll notice that I was fine with cancelling the order), Shaun was pleasant, proactive, and had no problem taking the extra step to ensure that I was satisfied and taken care of.

Please ensure that Shaun receives the appropriate commendatory recognition that your company would normally provide for service of such caliber, and rest assured that I will consider CableOrganizer.com my first source of products from now on, and recommend without hesitation your products and services to my friends and colleagues.

Thank you,  

Wes Krohn
-    Iraq


Date Posted:  04-24-2008

Order received today, everything as expected. Mr. Ribero, thanks for your help. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great service during problems with my purchase several weeks ago.

Servicio muy bueno serios.

David G.J.  

CanaryIslands spain    Spain


Date Posted:  05-07-2008

Thank you for this email and information.

So often after placing an order, we are left in the dark as to its progress

and location.

I very much appreciate this "customer care" and I will be a repeat customer!  

John Hulburt
Andover, Ohio    United States


Date Posted:  05-13-2008


I had some difficulties with the shipment of a package i ordered from CableOrganizer.com. It was not your fault, but USPS's; they didn’t give me a shipping/tracking number, so I didn’t know where the package was located after it left you.

Beginning to worry, I sent an e-mail to your support, and a nice fellow named Shaun answered. He understood my worries, but gave me good advice, and told me to wait a little bit more to see if the package arrived.

And it did. This Saturday (May 10th) it arrived at my post office in Norway.

During the time between when my order was placed, until it arrived here in Norway, I have had an extremely positive experience with CableOrganizer.com, and I really appreciated the personal touch Shaun gave when answering my mail. It was not like there was a machine or some "standard" answers (Like when I tried to e-mail USPS......). It felt good knowing that there actually was a person who was concerned about the problems that might have occurred.

Due to your professional and excellent customer service, I will recommend CableOrganizer.com to all my friends and fellow workmates, and I personally will continue using CableOrganizer.com in the future.

Thanks from a happy and satisfied customer! :-)  

Dan Steinbakk
Tromsø    Norway


Date Posted:  05-27-2008

We have never purchased product from your company, but will refer others. Your company website is very easy to use and your prices are great.  

SJ Smith
Pompano Beach, Florida    United States


Date Posted:  06-20-2008

Hey, just a quick note to say that of all the shopping I've done on US websites, yours has the most friendly & welcoming tone for Canadian customers!

I'm referring to this page:


Usually, you have to dig around in a bunch of pages, FAQs, etc until you finally figure out "OK, bummer, they don't ship to Canada." But yours has a nice little note to welcome and guide us, so thank you, it's very thoughtful ;-) Not only that, but you even have a French translation, too, for us French Canadians (of which I'm a proud member). This is RARE, even on Canadian websites!!

I haven't made my purchase yet, but you have great products. I'm both a musician and an IT technician and I deal a lot with cables, so you can be sure I am going to buy some of your products.

Merci (Thanks)!!  

Bruno D.
Unknown    Canada


Date Posted:  09-09-2008

Just a note to tell you that I appreciated the quick, efficient service you provided to me recently.

My order was a small one, but you treated it as if it was the only order you had! I got the merchandise quickly and it was exactly what I ordered. So many times these days, that's not the case.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. It's obvious that you have good people working at your organization, who care about the customers.


Patrick Poire
Forestdale, Massachusetts    United States


Date Posted:  09-16-2008

I'd just like to thank you for the personal attention I received for this order...I had placed an order several weeks ago, but it was never delivered....I spoke with Andy today.....he assured me this order would be placed today and I also received free shipping....I'm very happy with the service I received from Andy and your company.....I will definitely recommend you to my friends.....thanks again!!!! I appreciate it...  

Sam Marshall
San Mateo, California    United States


Date Posted:  09-30-2008

I know nothing about what you sell, but I am sure from all the testimonials I read to get an idea what to say, that you are all wonderful people to work with, and very helpful – I need that!!! I am adding you all to my favorites list because I will be getting my own computer(I piggy back on my husband’s) hopefully before the end of the year, and know that I want it to be wireless, in my deck room, and be able to access the office copier from my room! I know you all can help me know just what my needs are! Thank you for the contest, and the great find, you all...  

JASPER, Georgia    United States


Date Posted:  11-24-2008


Just wanted to let you know I received my order this afternoon.

Thanks for your excellent customer service.  

Suzy Chandler
Franklin, North Carolina    United States


Date Posted:  12-16-2008

I would like to compliment you on an excellent website, good e-mail confirmations and timely shipments with comprehensive receipts. I don't know if you have the best prices (they seem competitive), but the easy navigation and plethora of info on the website (tutorials, etc) is why I decided to order from you.  

Jonah Schachner
Sunnyvale, California    United States


Date Posted:  01-16-2009

One of your team called me within half an hour of the order being submitted and let me know that a set of covers are included with each case.

This saved nearly $600 dollars, and the hassle of the whole return process.

Outstanding customer service like that is noted and appreciated. It is a major factor in repeat business and in giving recommendations.


Greg Hader
Tacoma, Washington    United States


Date Posted:  01-16-2009

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service you have here. I'll be sure to shop here again!  

Hector Mota
Newburgh, New York    United States


Date Posted:  01-26-2009

Thank you for your website! We moved into a new home and never got the owner manuel on our smoke/CO detector. I was trying to figure out why the red light was blinking and your website had the info I needed!! (I couldn't find it through the manufacturer's website).

So thank you!!  

NA    United States


Date Posted:  04-15-2009

Hey Elvin, I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for the refund of $30 on Visa. I will not hesitate to recommend CableOrganizer.com to colleagues and friends. The flat extension cord is truly a miracle...not to mention the customer service! :)  

Laura S.
London    Canada


Date Posted:  06-15-2009

Stephanie Kingslien was very helpful. After talking with 3 people about the purchase of a rack configuration, Stephanie was the first to offer to find prices for me and send me a quote! She was very thorough, courteous and efficient. She is a terrific asset to your company. Do you have a means to recognize her for positive customer feedback?  

Skip Hunt
Frankfort, Kentucky    United States


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