PANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway

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What's special about these PANDUIT® T-70 raceways?

  • Available accessories make the Pan-Way T-70 one of the most versatile and economical raceways
  • Snap-on faceplates for data and power applications for quick and easy set up
  • Satisfies 1" bend radius requirement preventing potential cable degradation
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CSA Approved

The PANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Surface Raceway System is a non-metallic multi-channel capable surface raceway that can be used to route, protect, and conceal data, voice, video, fiber optic and power cabling with a rating of up to 600 volts. Made from impact resistant material that is sure to last a long time without peeling or corroding, these raceways are a must have investment.

Custom colors are available upon request. Minimums apply.

Part #ImageDescriptionLengthWeight Price
PAN-T70BWH6PANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70BWH6T-70 Surface Raceway System - Base
(1.77" H x 4.07" W x 6' L)
6'0.38 lb.
PAN-T70CWH6PANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70CWH6T-70 Surface Raceway System - Cover
(0.36" H x 2.76" W x 6' L)
6'0.04 lb.
PAN-T70DW6PANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70DW6T-70 Surface Raceway System - Divider Wall
(1.40" H x 0.75" W x 6' L)
6'0.02 lb.
Part #ImageDescriptionWeight Price
PAN-T70BCWH-XPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70BCWH-XT-70 Raceway - Base Coupling
(pack of 10)
0.05 lb.
PAN-T70CCWH-XPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70CCWH-XT-70 Raceway - Cover Coupling
(pack of 10)
0.30 lb.
PAN-T70OCWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70OCWHT-70 Raceway - Outside Corner Fitting0.46 lb.
PAN-T70ICWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70ICWHT-70 Raceway - Inside Corner Fitting0.4 lb.
PAN-T70RAWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70RAWHT-70 Raceway - Right Angle Fitting0.64 lb.
PAN-T70ECWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70ECWHT-70 Raceway - End Cap Fitting0.1 lb.
PAN-T70EEWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70EEWHT-70 Raceway - Entrance End Fitting0.69 lb.
PAN-T70TWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70TWHT-70 Raceway - Tee Fitting0.57 lb.
PAN-T70TRWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70TRWHT-70 Raceway - Transition Fitting Base/Cover0.32 lb.
PAN-T70TRCWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70TRCWHT-70 Raceway - Transition Fitting Cover Only 0.21 lb.
PAN-T70WRPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70WRT-70 Raceway - Wire retainer (pack of 10)0.02 lb.
PAN-T70DBPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70DBT-70 Raceway - Device Bracket0.05 lb.
PAN-T70SDB-XPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70SDB-XT-70 Raceway - Standard Faceplate Bracket
(pack of 10)
0.50 lb.
PAN-T70HB3GFCIPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70HB3GFCIT-70 Raceway - GFCI Three Sided Hanging Box0.15 lb.
PAN-T70WCWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70WCWHT-70 Raceway - Workstation Outlet Center™
Offset Box
0.4 lb.
PAN-T70BFWHPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70BFWHT-70 Raceway - Backfeed Fitting0.87 lb.
PAN-T70BFIPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70BFIT-70 Raceway - Backfeed Fitting Insert0.06 lb.
PAN-T70FSBPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-T70FSBT-70 Raceway - Fiber Spool Bracket0.07 lb.
PAN-DCTPANDUIT® Pan-Way® T-70 Cable Raceway PAN-DCTPanduct Hand-Held Duct Cutting Tool0.71 lb
  • Suitable up to 600 volts for electric applications
  • 70mm opening accepts any NEMA standard communication faceplate
  • Optimized for use with the PANDUIT® Pan-Net® Communication System
  • Available in various colors for color coding your installation
  • Construction of UL94V0 PVC
  • UL 95425 and UL E116129
  • Conforms to CSA C22.2 No 62.1-03 600V
Cross Section


Open Channel 40% Cable Fill Capacity
Cable Type: # of Cables
12 AWG 20
Cat 6 Cables 41
Cat 5e Cables 55
2 Strand Fiber Optic Cable 86
Material: Rigid PVC
Flammability: UL94V-0
Voltage rating: UL-5A 600VAC; CSA C22.2 No. 62.1-03 600V
Approvals: UL Listed 95425 (raceway); UL Listed E116129 (fittings)
NEC: Article 388
Color: White
CSI spec form: LP-CSISPEC-T70-1


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Questions & Answers


Raceway on the Ceiling - Is it possible to hang this raceway to the ceiling?

Asked by Anonymous user on 08/12/2014 5:23 PM

  • - Thank you for your question. This can be installed on any flat surface.

    Fernando M. on 08/19/2014 9:53 AM

Are there other colors? like brown or wood grain?

Asked by Anonymous user on 04/25/2017 7:33 AM

  • - Hello, Unfortunately, these do not come in other colors, however these can be painted with latex paint to match your decor. If you have any other questions please fee free to call us toll free at 866-222-0030

    andrew b. on 04/25/2017 11:19 AM

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