PANDUIT® NetKey® Fiber Adapter Modules

Integrate Your Fiber To The Keystone Design

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What's special about these PANDUIT® Fiber Optic Modular Inserts?

  • Keystone module design can be used with all Keystone products, Panduit modular faceplates and patch panels
  • Available in multiple colors for easy ID and color-coding applications
  • Every adapter is laser marked to assure 100% traceability
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PANDUIT® NetKey® Fiber Adapter Modules are designed to fit with all Keystone compatible products. This unique design for fiber optics allow a versatility never before seen for fiber connections by providing the commodity to be used with patch panels, faceplates, and other Keystone standard designed products.

Part #DescriptionSleeveColorsPrice
PAN-NKSCMNetKey® SC Multimode Simplex Adapter ModulePhosphor Bronze Split SleeveOff White, White, Electric Ivory
PAN-NKSCMZNetKey® SC Singlemode Simplex Adapter ModuleZirconia Ceramic Split Sleeve
PAN-NKSTMNetKey® ST Multimode Simplex Adapter ModulePhosphor Bronze Split Sleeve
PAN-NKDLCMNetKey® LC Multimode Duplex Adapter ModulePhosphor Bronze Split SleevesOff White, Electric Ivory
PAN-NKDLCMZNetKey® LC Singlemode Duplex Adapter ModuleZirconia Ceramic Split SleeveOff White, White, Electric Ivory
PAN-NKMJMNetKey® MT-RJ Multimode Duplex Adapter Module-
  • Choice of phosphor bronze or zirconium ceramic split sleeves to fit specific network requirements
  • TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS-10 compatible adapters
  • Exceed TIA/EIA-568-B.3 Requirements
  • Sr./Jr. (Senior/Junior) adapter modules are designed to accept FOCIS-10 compatible senior LC connectors at either end and FOCIS-10 junior LC connectors at the inside end for inside the wall applications


ST Adapter Module Diagram SC Adapter Module Diagram
ST Adapter Module Spec Diagram SC Adapter Module Spec Diagram
LC Adapter Module Diagram MT-RJ Adapter Module Diagram
LC Adapter Module Spec Diagram MT-RJ Adapter Module Spec Diagram





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