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How to Terminate Braided Sleeving


So you want to organize your wires and cables. You've got the braided sleeving in hand and are ready to start, but one question still looms: "How am I going to terminate the ends?" This how-to guide lets you in on the details and supplies needed for four easy braided sleeving finishing methods. Just read on!



Experience Level: Beginner

Time Required: 1-5 minutes, depending on which method you choose

Options: 4

Supplies: Electrical tape, cable ties, Velcro® cable wraps, or heat-shrink tubing

Budget Estimate: $2 - $10


OPTION 1 - Terminate with Tape


braided sleevingThis is the most economical and least time-consuming method for terminating braided sleeving. The only supplies required are color-matching electrical tape and a pair of scissors. After you've run your cables or wires through braided sleeving, simply wrap the ends tightly with electrical tape.


OPTION 2 - Terminate with Cable Ties


cable tiesCable ties provide a quick solution for neatly terminating braided sleeving, and have the added benefits of being inexpensive and sold to match your sleeving's color. Cable ties are especially convenient if you don't plan on reworking your wire assembly often, and are great for use in project cars. Please keep in mind that like electrical tape, cable ties are not reusable.


OPTION 3 - Terminate with Velcro® One-Wrap® Cable Wraps


velcro wrapIf you're in the market for a termination method that is both affordable and reusable, then Velcro® cable wraps are just the product you're looking for. These wraps provide tight, secure sleeving terminations, but also allow for the unlimited reworking of cable assemblies.


OPTION 4 - Terminate with Heat Shrink Tubing


terminatng sleeving with heat shrink tubing Last but not least, we have the heat shrink tubing method, which is by far the neatest way to terminate the ends of braided sleeving. Heat shrink tubing is a bit more time consuming to apply because it needs to be shrunk with a heat gun, but it's ideal for aviation and automotive applications that require heat protection and weather-proofing. Computer project fans around the world also love heat shrink tubing for its cosmetic advantages. (Please keep in mind that if you need to purchase a heat gun, this will increase the project's estimated budget)



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