How to Make a Cable Snake

BY: CableOrganizer

A "cable snake" is a bundle of cords that have been enclosed in some form of cable wrap to keep them neat and organized. Just about everyone has a cable situation that can use some straightening out, and forming rebellious cords into a snake is a quick and easy way to gain control of things. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps:


Experience Level: Beginner

Time Required: 15-30 minutes

Steps: 5

Supplies: Wire loom, braided sleeving or heat-shrink tubing; wire loom tool; cable ties or Velcro® cable wraps (optional)

Budget Estimate: $10 - $25


cable snake, wire and cable managementTake an inventory of the cables you want to combine into a snake. Make sure that you don't group together cables that need to head in opposite directions.


Once you've decided on how you'll be grouping cables for your snake, gather the cords together and measure the diameter of the entire bundle. By doing this, you'll know which size cable wrap, sleeving or wire loom you'll need for that application.


If you're going to be using Heat Shrink Tubing, Braided Sleeving or a Cable Sash™, you might want to consider implementing these products with cable ties or Velcro® cable wraps. Tying or wrapping the bundle of cords at regular intervals will keep cables together, making it much easier to get your cable "snake" into its "skin".


Insert your cables into the covering. Use a wire loom tool for wire loom or side-entry braided sleeving. Heat Shrink Tubing can be manually pulled over cables and then carefully shrunk with a heat gun. Products like Spiral Wrap, Cable Managers, Woven Wrap-Around and Braided Sleeving require nothing but your bare hands!


If you use braided sleeving for your cable snake, you'll need to terminate the ends to prevent fraying and keep the covering in place in place. Either fasten both ends of the braided sleeving with a cable tie, or slide a short piece of heat shrink tubing over each end of the cable snake (covering both the end-points of the sleeving and a bit of the cable extending beyond them) and shrink to fit.

Before and After Pictures

cable snake, cable and wire management