Your College Years - Taming Your Cable Clutter

BY: Christina Hansen


Welcome to college - I hope you're ready for the time of your life!

With your new found freedom (of sorts) comes responsibility, and our aim is to assist you with your space management so that your classmates - and your parents! - will be impressed with your organizational skills.

You’ll notice pretty quickly that your computer station will serve as a multifunctional entertainment centre as well as your trusty friend for work assignments.

Soon you’ll be skype-ing your parents while downloading iTunes, uploading photos, watching movies, charging your ipod, and printing your homework assignments. Phew!

All of these fab functions are made possible by the nifty gadgets that can be connected peripherally to your computer. These great gadgets however soon create a world of clutter due to their respective connection wires.

When I initially set up my own little entertainment/work zone and sat down to begin my journey of learning, instead of being able to concentrate on my task ahead I kept being distracted by my feet getting tangled in the many cables that I’d hidden behind and under my desk. This distraction, coupled with the soon-to-be apparent danger of my little desk fan, made me decide it was time to search for a solution.

Yes, I had a plan! I wound the stray cords around items on my desk like my computer speakers and my stationary box. Of course, this meant I couldn’t really work at my desk for fear of upsetting the delicate balance, so I had another spark of inspiration. However not long afterwards it too was scrapped, along with a sticky web of Velcro and large patches of paint from my wall. I realized pretty soon that I needed a new plan- preferably from an expert.

My solution:, which has a huge selection of products, many of them fun, to eliminate all types of clutter. Best of all, these products are simple to use.

Cable Turtle

The Cable Turtle not only allows you to hide your cord clutter but it also allow you to adjust the length of your cords as and when it suits you. Because it’s not as if you can cut those wires down to size, especially when their extra length can help you in certain situations. The turtle comes in two sizes so that it can fit any wire situation.

Here’s how a turtle works:
Open the shell. Wrap the wires. Close the shell. And you’re done!

Cababo Frog Cable Winder

You could also try the Cababo Frog Design Cable Winder as its design will add some personality and fun to your computing zone. Use the cable box winder for any type of cable including Firewire, USB cable, speaker cables, A/V cables or optical drive cables. *just a suggestion on how to identify your cables – remember your parent’s label maker?

How about when you need to take your laptop/iPod® out and about with you?


An iPod® comes in handy as it doubles as a flash drive and you can easily load resources and study material onto it at the library. But try getting its sync wire and headphones there without tangling one of them with something in your purse or pocket - or worse, each other!

They say the earPod was created by iPod® users for iPod® users in just such a predicament.
Closed, the earPod looks like a white plastic spool; however, one side of the spool rotates open to expose a compartment big enough to hold your earbuds. Simply wrap your earbud cable around the earPod, snake the bodies of the earbuds into the center compartment, and then close the case. Your earbuds are neatly stored for travel.


CableyoyoAnother alternative is the Cableyoyo™ which efficiently stores up to 6 feet of cord on a single, flat plane, keeping wires manageable and out of the way. It is intended for stationary as well as mobile use as it can be mounted to any fixed location and is extremely light and compact for travel. Cableyoyo™ can easily hide behind desks, monitors, or file cabinets, but the sleek, streamlined design calls for placement in plain sight.


Now if only taming your homework assignments were so easy!



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