Top 5 Kid-Friendly Products from CableOrganizer®

By: CableOrganizer®


When you’ve got kids running around, it never hurts to be organized…especially in the area of household cords, which have a nasty habit of tripping people! Cable management doesn’t have to be all business though. We’ve got a variety of products with plenty of kid-appeal, ready to help you create a neater, safer environment for your children, while adding some fun to the room!


animal  clip

We all know frogs love snacking on flies, but have you heard about the species that will eat up excess lengths of cable? Meet Prince the Frog, our little green pal…not only is he cute, but he also puts the fun in functional! When cords are too long, just get this guy to open wide and you’ll be able to wind up and hide the extra length inside of him in seconds. These are great for the computer mouse and keyboard wires on kids’ desks… kids will love Prince’s funky design and parents just might hop for joy at the sight of a tidy desktop.


cable turtle

If you got a kick out of’s favorite amphibian, we think you’ll like this reptile, too. Unlike the other run-of-the mill turtles crawling around out there, the Cable Turtle’s shell actually flips inside out! When the shell is open, simply wind excess cord length around the middle, then snap it shut. Cable Turtles are simple to use and perfect just about anywhere…use them to shorten everything from computer cables to window treatment cords. We offer them in a rainbow of bright colors that go great in kids’ rooms (and we’ve even got some neutrals for the grown-ups too).


cable fish

Pet fish are only fun when they’re in the tank, but has one fish out of water that kids will love! The Cable Fish is a unique cable manager that makes it both fun and incredibly easy to wind up household wires that are getting in the way. Cable Fish are available in a whole school of colors and they’ll get along swimmingly with your children!


cord hog

This little piggy…eats cables. The Cord Hog has two pig nose-shaped ends and a round body with spines that wind cable slack. Kids will love the way this two-inch diameter cable eater can gobble up to 12 feet of wire. It keeps cords of any type more manageable, from earbuds to kitchen appliances and more. Your child will likely enjoy organizing cables with this cable eater around, which leaves no leftovers.


cable kiss

Speaking of good eating, you’re likely familiar with that famous chocolate candy that is wrapped in foil and has a paper name tag sticking out of its top. This cable wrapper has a similar vibe with its shape but Cable Kiss — like its cable management cousin the Cable Turtle (they are made by the same company) — instead flips open, wrapping cables around its inner core. Close it again to neatly conceal cables. Your child is bound to love the whimsical appearance and different colors the Cable Kiss comes in.

Shop at CableOrganizer® for many more kid-friendly, cable management options, including the Child Safety Kit, a curated kit that offers a cost savings when purchasing all of the items together, while tackling a number of wire organization projects at once.

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