Tips on Childproofing Your Cables

By: CableOrganizer®


You probably work at home because you want to spend more time with your child — or you don’t feel comfortable about sending them to a daycare center. You want your home to be completely safe for your child but are concerned about the dangers of cable wires located in your home office, family room and other rooms with cables.







home office

There are many products available to help childproof your home office from the danger of excessive cable wires — and to protect your child when they wander into your workplace.

Childproofing your computer can be very simple. You can bundle most of the cables on your computer with cable ties. Just make sure the cable ties are secure but will not cut or harm your cables. Releasable cable ties can stay snug without overtightening wires.

Cable clips are also available for childproofing your computer and other office equipment. Nylon cable clips are useful for easy bundling and mounting. These clips can be used on your computer’s mouse, speakers, or your telephone. The cable clips will attach to the underside of your desk and allow you some slack when you need longer cable.


Flexible coil wraps such as those the Cable Manager can wrap around many cables at a time to keep them safely tucked away from your child. If you need to unwrap your cables, it can be done simply and quickly.

If you are concerned about your child tripping over a cable that is running along your floor, you can purchase a cord protector for your cable. The cord protector will cover, hide and protect your cable from any traffic. Cord protectors lie and stay flat, which will help to eliminate a tripping accident. The cord protectors come in a variety of colors, are very simple to install and are much better to use on floors or carpets than adhesives, which might cause damage.


entertainment system

Childproofing your home entertainment system is a safety precaution you should take at the time your system is purchased. Your child’s attention will be drawn to your entertainment system’s buttons and other features, which your child will especially want to explore when your head is turned. Childproofing your home entertainment system may keep your child from any danger that could occur.

There are many cables on your home entertainment system that should be a concern for you and your child’s safety. You can bundle many of the cables with ties and place them in a protective shield to make them childproof. You can also lift your cables off the floor and get them out of your child’s reach by mounting them on the wall behind your system with a cable device. You can label each of your cables with Unitag labels for future reference.



Check your video game systems, telephones, TVs, computers, DVD players and other electronics and appliances in every room, to be sure each product is childproof. Be sure all cables are hidden by wrapping them up or mounting them out of your child’s reach. You can even hide your cables from your child with products that enable you to place them behind a molding-style channel called a raceway. CableOrganizer® has a cable management kit that can be used for everything from home theater to office wires, routing it along walls or ceilings.

There are also products on the market such as ties, straps, clips and clamps that let you attach the cable to its product, your ceiling or wall.

During the Christmas season, childproof your Christmas tree by purchasing a cable protector covering for the excess you might have on your strands of Christmas lights.

With all the products available for childproofing your home from cable accidents, you can focus more on your office work — and worry less about your child being harmed by dangerous cables.

Other Great Products for Childproofing Your Cables Include:

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