The Ultimate Flexo® PET Color Reference Resource

By: CableOrganizer®

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Colors for your cable management applications can have special and specific meanings. A sole color or color combination can be used for color coding. Colors in cable management items can be for aesthetic purposes, branding, and product customization too.

Techflex® features more than 80 colors in its line of Flexo® PET Expandable Braided Sleeving, a handy cable management product. This general purpose, lightweight sleeving expands more than 150% to cover oversized and irregularly shaped connectors. It is so versatile it can protect or cover wires in a home office or home theater setup, as well as in audio/video, electronics, industrial, automotive, and even scuba applications. Flexo® PET adds professional touches to wire management projects. It additionally provides moisture and UV light resistance, as well as the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges from -103°F to 257°F, up to a melt temperature of 446°F.

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Color coding is an important aspect of wire organization. One of its purposes is to increase the visibility of certain cables. An example of using it for color coding would be if the wire was potentially dangerous to a person who might come into contact with it. Flexo® PET simplifies the process of warning about the presence of these wires. Braided sleeving comes in an array of colors that can make wires and cables easy to see. Colors include: red (to mark the hot wire), green (for ground wires, and wires used in renewable energy systems), and orange (for aviation test cables or electric vehicle high voltage cables). Black and yellow sleeving, which is named Safety Stripe, is the customary color combination to signify “caution.” Techflex® even makes a green and yellow striped braided sleeve known as Ground Stripe, with that color pattern designated for grounding. Nitrox is a Flexo® PET pattern with a yellow and green stripe that is used to designate and cover scuba tank hoses. Flexo® PET in UV reactive neon may additionally be a choice for scuba equipment.

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People opt to use Flexo® PET for aesthetics in cable management applications, especially in audio video cables. Color can add a certain attractive vibe in wires and cables. Black Magic is black with a purple overlay that adds a touch of elegance and class. Carbon gives cables a sophisticated appearance combining black and clear monofilaments. Clear Flexo® PET Braided Sleeving can be placed over any color for additional glimmer.

Though braided sleeving with tracers is often used in flame retardant applications, there are standard sleeving types that can be used on wiring for visual effects, like any of the Flexo® PET UniTrace sleeving, which is black with colors like green or yellow.

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Techflex® has also developed a range of Flexo® PET patterned sleeving to achieve a particular appearance for wiring. These patterns can make wires stand out or blend in. Patterned sleeving can provide wire cover and protection, while imparting a creative appearance to wires, whether for automotive, household, gaming, computer, home theater, holiday décor cables, outdoor wires or extension cords, and many other cable applications. Checkered Flag, Patriot, Reggae, Superhero, Rainbow, Snake, Ogre, and Holiday are just a few of the many choices. For anyone seeking a plaid look for their wires, the Spyder color family combines Flexo® PET in black with thick, crisscrossed colors, like neon green, aqua, white, seafoam, orange, neon blue, dark purple, red, and UV yellow. Spyder also comes in red with a white tracer, and blue with white.

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Bright colors or boisterous patterns aren’t always the goal of braided sleeving. Black Flexo® PET can be an option for people looking to make wires blend into a particular setting, such as keeping automotive or computer cables neutral in appearance. A subtle color like black or gray can cover wiring while making it a less attractive nuisance for babies or pets that may like to chew on or play with it. Another example of using a more inconspicuous hue would be when a lamp cord runs down the side of a wooden table, and one chooses Brown Flexo® PET sleeving to protect that cord, while camouflaging it into the furniture. Forest Green Flexo® PET may be a suitable match for some outdoor environments to disguise cables around shrubbery, foliage, or grassy areas.

Branding is another reason that Flexo® PET Braided Sleeving can be implemented into a wiring project. If you have a particular color or pattern that represents your brand, it can be used on cables within your office, in a conference room or lobby, on products, or other applications where you would like the personality or style of your business to shine through.

Braided sleeving is often applied to customize items. Cosplayers have been known to add touches of Flexo® PET for out-of-the-box costume embellishments. Different colors have been implemented in clothing, athletic shoes, and golf tees. Flexo® PET in various hues and patterns has been used for fishing rod covers, teething tethers, sunglass straps, and lanyards. It has also been incorporated into projects as decorative cover on dog collars and leashes.

Order Techflex® Flexo® PET from CableOrganizer® today for any of your wire protection and customization projects.

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