So, You Just Got a New TV ...Now What?

By: CableOrganizer®

If you are one of those lucky people who was treated (or treated yourself) to the latest and greatest TV for any occasion — birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, engagement, wedding, or other celebration — you’ve come to the right place.

You're undoubtedly excited to set it up and immerse yourself in your new technology. But if you've taken the TV out of its box and now find yourself a little unsure of how to proceed, don't worry. CableOrganizer® has put together a checklist of tips, accessories and money-saving suggestions that are sure to remove the "now what?" factor from your item.

Screen Mounts

First things first: if you’re planning on hanging that new flat screen on the wall, you’re going to need a strong and secure home TV mount. Before you buy the first one you see, consider the fact CableOrganizer® has several different types of screen mounts available. Each one functions a little differently based on how you want your screen to be positioned in relation to your viewing area.


VMP mount

The VMP Multi-Just™ is an adjustable and sturdy TV wall mounting solution. It tilts from -5° to 15° for the perfect viewing angle. It has a “kickstand” that spaces the television from the wall once it is installed, for access to cables during installation and maintenance. It is made of arc-welded durable steel and can handle a 100-pound (45.35kg) weight capacity.


flat panel mount

If you’re planning on hanging your new TV high on a wall, a flat panel display wall mount will do the trick. It tilts, rotates, and extends over a wide range, for the perfect viewing angle.


recessed tv kit

If you would rather disguise wires entirely when mounting them to the wall, consider a DataComm™ Recessed TV Install Kit. There are various choices, depending on your configuration, for the thinnest mounts, and closer placement against the wall.

HDMI® Cables

Once you have your TV situated exactly where you want it, it’s time to think about connection. The newest TVs call for high-def cables — and that means HDMI®. As you shop for HDMI® cables, beware of those who tell you that high-end boutique cables are the only way to go. HDMI® cables aren’t status symbols — they exist to move signals, such as from your DVD player to your TV. When it comes to HDMI®, certification is the name of the game.

It doesn’t matter how fancy the packaging is or how recognizable the brand — the only true indicator of a cable’s performance is whether or not it’s HDMI®-certified. That said, why waste your hard-earned cash on window dressing when you can benefit from the really important features of HDMI® for a fraction of the cost? While some A/V retailers would have you pay an exorbitant amount for a 6-foot HDMI® cable, we offer a comparable HDMI® cable, complete with the same HDMI® certification and gold-plated connectors.

Cable Management

A wall-mounted flat screen TV is a thing of beauty, so don’t let trailing cables ruin the effect. Since the focal point of your high-def setup should be the screen and not the wires connected to it, cable management is a must-have for any TV. CableOrganizer® has a number of cable raceway options, including the Home Theater and Computer Cable Management Kit, which lets you conceal wires with raceway, elbows, tee fittings, and splice/joint couplings. These are self-adhesive and provide for a clean installation, to organize your home theater wires.

Surge Protection

While electricity gets the credit for bringing your TV and other home electronics to life, it can also be the death of them should power levels suddenly spike. The newest televisions are full of sensitive electrical components that can be instantly destroyed if exposed to power surges caused by lightning strikes, short circuits, and electromagnetic pulses. It’s extremely important that you protect your investment with a home theater surge protector. A surge protector is a power distribution unit that acts like a circuit breaker between your wall outlet and TV; if a power spike suddenly charges through your home’s circuits, the surge protector intercepts and grounds excess voltage before it has the chance to reach — and do damage to — delicate electronics.

Shop at CableOrganizer® for all your home theater and TV needs, including our curated Home Theater Wire Management Kit, another way to manage your TV cables with a kit that offers a cost savings.

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