LAN, Telephone, & Audio System Installations Require a Label Printer

By: CableOrganizer®

Whether you are a professional installer of electronic systems or simply have lots of wiring in your home, if you have a local area network, a computer, multiple telephone cables, entertainment system or anything else that requires numerous wires, you need a heavy duty label printer. For the professional installer, this is a must-have tool for the job. But, even in homes, it only makes good sense to label wiring for future identification.


For the professional working with wiring, the DYMO® Rhino 4200 Thermal Transfer Label Printer is affordable and sure to increase your profits. Used for creating easy to read, durable markings for wires, cables, racks, enclosures, patch panels, switches, IT equipment, outlets and switch plates, it saves time in debugging problems and in servicing your installations. It has “hot key” shortcuts for common tasks and this device even has a “QWERTY-style” keyboard layout like a computer keyboard. The printer is portable for quick and easy labeling, with thermal transfer technology that prevents labels from scratching and smudging.



For use in the home, you might want to choose the DYMO® LetraTag® label maker. It is versatile enough to be used by adults or children, with the ability to print on labels that are paper, plastic, metallic, magnetic and iron-on. It is perfect for marking home entertainment system wires, computers, circuit panels, drawers, storage containers, file folders and other uses.



With so many electronics in the home today, like closed circuit TV security cameras, multiple line telephones, computers with numerous peripherals, in-home LAN networks and more, it only makes sense to install wiring with labels, should something need to be disassembled for repair and then reinstalled. Nothing is as frustrating as attempting to figure out where a cable should connect by having to follow it through a huge bundle of wiring, perhaps identifying it incorrectly. By using a label maker to mark both ends of each wire, you'll never wonder again.

Both professionals and home users will appreciate the time saved and aggravation avoided when every wire, switch, connection and other hard to identify items are clearly and legibly labeled with permanent, smudge-proof markings made by a label printer. The labels will not fade even if heat, cold, moisture, grease or other harsh substances come into contact with them.

You can select printers for labels that accept different size labeling strips to have the right fit for every application. There are printers that are compatible in different languages. These handy devices are a necessity for the home or business that wants to save time when dealing with all types of wiring.

Shop for label printers and cable labels at CableOrganizer® today.

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