5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Rack System

By: CableOrganizer®


Rack mounting can be an excellent way to enhance, organize and protect electronic equipment, whether at home or in the workplace. If you’re currently thinking of purchasing a rack system to house your network or home theater components, CableOrganizer® would like to suggest a few things to keep in mind during your decision-making process.


If you want to have continuous, easy access to your rack mounted equipment and don’t mind it being in plain sight, an open rack is a straightforward — and often cost-effective — option. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your electronic components concealed, or to give them extra protection against moisture, chemicals and dust, an enclosure is more along the lines of what you need.


To extend the life and improve the performance of your home theater or network equipment, the most important thing you can do is keep it cool and well-ventilated. If you’re considering using an open rack in a temperature-controlled room, then your ventilation problem is already solved. However, because enclosures tend to trap heat — if you opt for one — you’ll need to take a few thermal-management measures. Rack mount fans, ventilation units and vented panels or enclosure tops, will help to move warm air out and cool air in.


Will your rack system arrive to you already welded together, or will you have to apply some elbow grease and assemble it yourself? Most steel enclosures, like the ones available at CableOrganizer® from Quest Manufacturing Co.™, Great Lakes® and Kendall Howard®, come pre-assembled and ready-to-use, straight from the box. Most open racks are often referred to as “knockdown-style”…which means it’s time to break out the tool box! While many knockdown-style racks can be simple to assemble, assess the difficulty level ahead of time to determine whether you’ll need (or want) to pay someone to assemble it for you.


If you’re considering an open rack or an enclosure, the adjustment capabilities of your rack system’s shelving is something you’ll want to give some thought to. It goes without saying that fixed shelves afford you the least access to equipment. This isn’t much of a problem if you decide to use an open rack, since your electrical components will be exposed all the time. However, if you’re leaning more towards an enclosure, sliding or swing-out shelves will make a world of difference in how easy it will be to access your home theater and network equipment, when it needs to be serviced.


With enclosures especially, when you’re choosing which vendor to purchase from, consider if the company allows for customization. Why purchase a basic enclosure and do the customization work yourself if you can have the manufacturer install rails, fans, vents and cable management exactly where and how you want them? Enclosures by Great Lakes®, available at CableOrganizer®, feature exactly those types of options.

Whether you’re looking for open racks or enclosures, network cables or electrical tools, check out the selection at CableOrganizer®. We have everything you need make your computer network or home theater the best that it can possibly be.

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