Label Printer Tip and Advice Center: Labels for Cable Management

By: CableOrganizer®

Wire identification is an important aspect of organizing cables in your home or workplace. It is done to ensure they are easy to locate, especially when performing maintenance. Color coding, alerting to hazardous situations, and managing cables, are among several reasons labels are helpful tools.

Labels may additionally be used for various other functions beyond wires, such as product labeling, shipping, medical applications, and more.

CableOrganizer® offers handy cable management products, including label printers, cable labels, wire markers, and cable identification tags. Information is featured below about several of these solutions:


barcode printers

Printing barcodes with a label printer can help with easily tracking inventory to reduce shrinkage, which is when inventory disappears from theft and other reasons. A barcode label printer is helpful for shipping, medical identification tasks, and many other uses. This HellermannTyton Thermal Transfer Printer offers large volume printing on ShrinkTrak™ heat shrink labels.


industrial printers

Having items to label can present various challenges in an industrial environment, where cables, pipes, inventory, shelves, and other items face heat, chemicals, machinery, and other threats. The DYMO® XTL 500 Industrial Label Maker Kit is easy to use on a jobsite but can be used for all labeling projects. The touchscreen simplifies label making, along with an auto-cutter that helps to reduce label waste.


thermal transfer printer

This type of label printer creates sharp, fade resistant labels for industrial, retail, logistics, and similar environments. A heated printhead melts wax or resin-based ink onto labels of polyester, vinyl, and polypropylene. The Brady® M7 Thermal Transfer Label Printer is rugged and portable, with an auto-cutting feature to help generate labels quickly.


heat shrink labels

These labels provide a smudge-free experience, resistant to moisture, grease, heat, solvents, chemicals, and other things harsh environments can throw at wires. Heat shrink labels remain on your cables, as they are tear-proof too.


tapes & cartridges

CableOrganizer® offers a wide array of labels, including tapes, ribbon, cassette, and cartridge styles.


cable markers

These are used to identify specific types of wires, attaching to them to denote the wire or cable’s purpose. You can use them to organize wires in a computer area or entertainment center, for example. Some wire markers come in a book or are adhered to a card, like the HellermannTyton Handi-Cards, which are created with preprinted cloth that effectively stays attached to wires. There are wire marker books with a numbering system for electrical system identification, like the Klein Tools Wire Marker Book for 3 phase systems. Other books like the Klein Tools Wire Marker Book – Household Electrical Panel, are preprinted for easy labeling of household electrical panels. The Brady® Porta-Pack Wire Market Book is a lightweight, pocket-sized book with letters, numbers, symbols, and write-on capabilities, for a range of wiring applications.


cable identification tags

These plastic tags are a sturdy way to identify cables, in home, offices, and industrial settings. Kableflags® are adhesive-free, economical, and reusable label markers of a soft PVC construction that are ideal for home theater, computer, and entertainment center labeling. Unitags are another option that snaps onto cables, to color code and identify them, using a write-on or printed system. Panduit® Thermal Transfer Marker Plates can stand up to harsh solvents, oils, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations.


pipe markers

Self-sticking pipe markers are a safety item to label pipes for directional flow, or content. There are high-gloss, reflective, and high-visibility options. These labels can alert of pipes for gas lines, high pressure steam, fire sprinklers, pipe directions, and more.

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