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By: CableOrganizer®

A home theater system setup does not have to become complicated. CableOrganizer® simplifies the cable organization process with products geared for audio and video applications. But how does one even begin to choose items for their entertainment system? See some of the questions CableOrganizer® received below, and our responses about what products to choose, and why.

1. Question:

I’m planning my home theater installation, and can’t find a component video cable long enough to span the distance from the equipment rack to my screen. What should I do?


You can purchase a Quest™ Component Video Cable from CableOrganizer®, equipped with a RCA Connector, up to 50 feet in length. These cables come with a 95% copper braid to eliminate EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference). These interferences can especially become problematic with longer cable runs. This quality cable mitigates transmission issues, as well as helps to achieve a sharp onscreen image.

2. Question:

I need to run a mass of cables behind a wall, and I’m looking for a solution to neatly cover up the holes from this project. What do you recommend?


Quest™ products like the single and dual gang bulk cable wall plates allow numerous cables to pass through one entry or exit. This is useful when several cables are present in one area, eliminating the need for multiple holes drilled into a wall.

3. Question:

Are there any wall plates available that combines elements of various A/V functions and connectors?


The TeleAdapt™ MediaHub Mini Compact Media Panel is a connector plate that features numerous A/V functions in one product. It enables the user to plug in HDMI®, USB, audio cables, and more. It is additionally Bluetooth® enabled for a wireless connection. This media panel can even be installed into a piece of furniture.

4. Question:

I’ve been looking at your selection of audio/video connectors, and noticed some of them are gold plated. Does the gold plating make a difference in the performance of these connectors?


Gold is one of the world’s best conductors. There are some advantages to using gold-plated connectors. Connectors like the Leviton® Quickport® Snap-in RCA Connectors can be used in the Leviton® Quickport® Dual Gang Multi-Port Wall Plates. You can find the Vanco® HDMI® Special Adapter at CableOrganizer® too, with gold plating for superior signal transfer. Gold gives the least amount of electrical resistance, maintains the purity of the signal, and is corrosion-free. The durable gold-plated Audio/Video Connectors from CableOrganizer® are durable enough to withstand multiple connects and disconnects.

5. Question:

The video cables in my home theater system aren’t transmitting very well, and they’re making my family’s viewing experience more frustrating than enjoyable! Can you suggest a more reliable cable that will help to end this problem?


It sounds like you experienced a subpar, F to F cable. Many of these are cheaply produced, do not have good termination factors, and are unreliable. CableOrganizer® carries high-quality coaxial cables, including RG6, RG11 Quad-Shield, and even 3 GHz Flat Taperwire®, among our offerings. All our coaxial cables take your home theater applications to the next level with optimal video and audio quality.

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