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What's special about this wiring tool?

  • Provides a high reliability wire connection that is easy to remove in the event you need to correct or modify a wiring layout
  • Lightweight, well balanced construction consists of a dual-finger short throw trigger and long handle which reduces the pressure on the palm and therefor prevents repetitive stress injury to the hand and wrist
  • A great alternative to soldering, which often presents safety and reliability problems in various jobs
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A principal advantage of wire wrapping is that it provides a high-reliability connection that is also easily removed to correct or modify a wiring layout. Wire wrapping works by applying tremendous tension and compression forces to the wire, causing the oxide layer on both wire and terminal to be crushed or sheared, resulting in a clean, oxide-free metal-to-metal contact.

Electric Wire Wrapping Tools
Part #DescriptionVoltageWeightPrice
OKI-PTX-1115V Wrap/ Unwrap Tool115V2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
OKI-PTX-1BF115V Wrap/ Unwrap Tool with Backforce115V2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
OKI-PTX-2230V Wrap/ Unwrap Tool230V2.2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
OKI-PTX-2BF230V Wrap/ Unwrap Tool with Backforce230V2.2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
OKI-PTX-4848V Electric Wrap/Unwrap Tool48V2 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionVoltagePrice
OKI-PTX-BC1Battery Charger - 6' Cord115V
Manufacturer Direct
OKI-PTX-BC2Battery Charger - 6' Cord230V
Manufacturer Direct
Manufacturer Direct
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  • Comes in wide range of manual, electric and battery powered tools
  • Efficiency is enhanced because of increased worker comfort and state of the art wire wrapping design
  • Comes complete with recessed wrap and unwrap switch making it easy to access
  • Compatible with the full range of industry standard bits and sleeves
  • Wraps and unwraps 18 to 30 AWG wire
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


Electric Wrap/Unwrap Tool

  • OK Industries has several Electric Wrap/ Unwrap Tools to suit your needs
  • Select from the OKI-PTX-1, OKI-PTX-2, and OKI-PTX-48
  • These tools are easy to use because they are lightweight as well as designed by a certified ergonomist, making them the perfect fit for your hand
  • In addition, they include a reversible motor, dual-finger short-throw trigger and a have an extended handle to reduce any pressure on the palm of your hand
  • To control the direction of the wrap, there is a switch placed conveniently at the back of the housing and is protected from impact if the tool is dropped
  • This versatile tool has a high-torque planetary gear drive that can wrap or unwrap 18 to 30 AWG (1.0 to .25-mm) wire, and is compatible with the full range of industry standard bits and sleeves


Wrap/Unwrap Tool w/Backforce

  • Each model (OKI-PTX-1BF, OKI-PTF-2BF and OKI-PTX-48) has the advantageous feature called backforce which ensures that overwrapping will not occur which can damage your project
  • The units are equipped with a spring mounted shaft assembly which takes in the pressure that a novice operator may apply while wrapping

Charger for PTX Battery

It charges one battery at a time while plugged into a power outlet.


PTX Spare Battery

Use the OKI-PTX-B as a spare 3.6-V environmentally friendly NiMH battery with the OK Industries PTX wire wrap/unwrap tool. The Model PTX-B long-lasting battery will provide 500-700 wrapping or unwrapping operations when used with the PTX wrapping tool before needing to be replaced.


Cordura Pouch

This versatile OKI-H-1000 pouch is made of light, comfortable Cordura material which is pliable and water repellant. The H-1000 will accommodate any squeeze gun or power wrapping tool in the main pocket. Other pockets will accept a variety of wrap/unwrap tools, a bit/sleeve set and a cut/strip tool, as well as pliers and other tools commonly used in conjunction with wire wrapping. The pouch includes two snaps that allow it to be quickly and conveniently attached to the user's belt.

  • Ergonomic design - minimizes repetitive stress
  • A 20' long power cord
  • Rugged construction for field usage
  • Battery and electric powered versions available
  • Wraps and unwraps 18 to 30 AWG wire
  • Rated Maximum Usage: 2,500 cycles/day


This equipment is for indoor industrial/laboratory use only at altitudes up to 2000 m, maximum RH of 80% up to 31°C decreasing to 50% RH at 40°C. Temperature range: 5°C to 40°C.






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